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What Does a Good Bar Add to Deadlift?


What is the difference in your deadlift when lifting on a normal crap bar compared to a competition i.e. texas bar etc. Any shorter stocky guys like to give some input too please, as this is my build.



a deadlifting bar is thinner thus has more whip so when u pull off the floor, the momentum is greater, the gnurling is usually way better and tears up your shins but it locks in your grip


I was taught 3-5%


The bar I use for most of my deadlift training is awful. It's one of those power sytems "power bars." It's about an inch and a quarter thicker than a meet bar and has zero flex. The best part about it is I go to a meet and the bar feels like a toothpick. I think training with a terrible bar makes you a lot stronger.


I fucking hope so, bars I train with are crap, but the meet bar is a "Texas Deadlift Bar" so I'm hoping it feels "easy"


Another issue is the knurl. You get used to s crappy smooth bar and you'll benefit on meet day as storm the beach said .


texas bars are awesome, ive also used okie bars , its incredible the difference that a good bar makesI squatted in a meet on sunday and they useda mastodon bar i believe and the extra space between the collars was great


Are there any bars that have the knurling all over the bar and not just on the outer sides and a little bit over the centre? Since i deadlift sumo ive always dealt with there being no knurling where i grip the bar


Bring your grip out?

The only bars I've seen that are all knurling are squat bars. But they're also about 1.5" in diameter.


interesting, i will start experimenting with my grip width


I actually don't think it adds much at all. It's easier to work with but I think any advantages of the bar can probably be negated by fluctuations in your daily strength...just my opinion.

I don't normally have access to a good bar and I recently pulled on a top of the line bar and while it was nice, the knurling was ridiculous, I couldn't really tell much of a difference...it certainly didn't add 15-30 lbs. to what I could pull.

At the end of the day, I wouldn't count on a bar to add anything to my deadlift because some competitions aren't going to have good DL bars.


Depends on where you are weak imo. For me it matters, don't know how much though. Maybe 10lbs?


10-20 lb? It depends on what you're used to training with. I often pull on a commercial gym bar, and it has good bend because it's cheap and anything over 500 flexes it pretty good, but the collars are wider on a real DL bar, so at the meet I can get a bit wider. If you normally pull with a stiff, thicker bar, like a standard Texas power bar, you'll notice a little more bump as long as you pull fast. I mean, if the rep takes you 7 seconds to complete, any whip or momentum is gone and it's just straight weight at that point.


Yeah, kinda like my last rep at the meet...haha.


I never really found much difference, with the exception that I can get a little wider. I've always attributed the extra lbs more to getting in better position. One thing about a proper DL bar is, you definitely need to take the slack out of the bar before you start pulling, especially if you pull sumo. I have found that NOT doing so can cost me around 20lbs