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What Does a Cell Phone SIM Card Do?


As per my previous post yesterday....

I found a motorola i90c cheap on ebay. It is a Sprint/Nextel phone. It says in the description "No SIM card included".

What is a SIM card? Do you need one to use this phone? If I buy this phone do I also need to buy a SIM card? Thanks bros.


sim card contains all the carrier info as well as your acct info on that carrier... without it you won't be able to connect to any network cuz the phone doesn't know which carrier to connect too... the sim card also counts as storage memory for pics videos and contacts...

i believe verizon is the only one that doesn't use sim cards they use an older (arguably more reliable) tech called cdma...


Do I need to purchase a blank SIM card then?
Where do I find one?

So basically the phone without a SIM card is useless.


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yea you need to have a sim card... u get one for free, when u sign a contract from a carrier...


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This... OP just get a cellphone that has a the wall jack connection... plug the cord into the wall and connect to your phone... bingo no sim card needed




You don't need a SIM card to use the phone. just sayin`...

You can always dial 9-1-1 and ask them to put you trough to whoever it is you need to call.


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If you're trying to use your current plan with this new (old) phone, you may need to contact your carrier (probably go in to a store) and have them reprogram the SIM card for you. I've downgraded phones in the past and just putting the SIM card in the old phone didn't work and I had to take it in. I was told it had to do with newer options not available to the older phone.


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