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What Does 4x5-8 Mean to You?


what does 4x5-8 mean for you? I found a routine and there is for example 4Ã?5-8 bench press What does it mean? How should my workout look like and when should i add weight. Im not a beginner but there are some very different interpretations.

I assume that i should do 4 sets with same weight and when i can complete all 8 reps in all sets i should add weight next workout Right?


Generally, yes that's what it means.

However, there is a better way to approach this, and that is to follow a program that has built in progression so that you don't have to ask questions about when to add weight to the bar.

Look into such programs like 5/3/1, juggernaut method, texas method, etc.


You are very much a beginner.

Very, very much.

That's not a bad thing whatsoever, but it's a fact.

Using the same weight for all sets is one method, but the way you describe it, that would've just been written as 4x8.

When I talk about or advise X sets in Y-Z rep range, I mean to begin with a weight that lets you get the higher end of reps, and increase the weight as you go as long as you're still within that rep range.

So to use your example, let's say I'm doing 4x5-8 on an exercise and my 5RM is 100 pounds.
Set 1 60 pounds. I get 8 reps, pretty easy. Nice warm-up.
Set 2 75 pounds. I get 8 reps, a little tougher.
Set 3 90 pounds. I get 7 reps after a grind, almost failed mid-rep.
Set 4 I could either stay with 90 pounds or I could increase to 95 or 100. It doesn't matter as long as I get at least 5 reps.

Next session, I'd increase the weight as long as I'm still getting no more than 8 reps and no less than 5 reps per set.


Explained well CC


For my workouts a 4x5-8 is the rep range

So use a weight that is very challenging at rep 5 and try to break 8

Once you break 8 you can increase the weight.

My partner does this for most of the heavy lifts when he designs the programs we use. Example for me is bench 4x6-8....I got 225 to 7 reps....I need to get 9 before I get to increase the weight. First time I did 225 I did 3 so I didn't even get to the 6 and I had to drop weight till I got to the minimum rep range of 6.


bperwien, but when you mean 4x6-8 you mean 4 sets with same weight through all sets, yeah? so when you reach upper rep range in all sets you add weight next workout?

Chris, thank you for your advice.

This is the routine:

Monday- Back/Biceps
Deadlifts 4x5-8
Rows 4x5-8
Chinups or Pullups 4x8
Barbell Curls 4x8-12

Bench Press 4x5-8
Incline Bench Press 3x8-12 Dumbbells instead of barbell
Dips 3x8
Skullcrushers or Close Grip BP 4x8-12 incline triceps extensions in here

Friday- Legs/Shoulders
Squats 4x5-8 I like Front squats more
SLDL or Leg Curl (do this if lower back recovery is issue) 4x8-12 Leg curls because 2 deadlifts a week are too much for me
Calf Raises 4x12
Military Press- 4x5-8
Shrugs 4x8-12

and i just wanted to clarify if Im meant to do straight sets or pyramiding, or it just doesnt matter