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What Do You Want Out of Today?


I know it is cool to say what you want out of life, everyone has those big goals. But what are you goals for today? Non-lifting goals anyway? Do you want to talk to that girl in the next cubicle?

Do you want to take 10 pictures and post them in the T-Vixen thread (this is for you Nikki)?

Do you want to beat your sales record for a single day? (Andrew)

Do you want to eat four pounds of steak? (Professor X)

Do you want to win your second case vs. an actual attorney? (PMPM)

Post and show off when you beat your daily goal.




THIS...but then again I'd rather just keep watching her pee.




Nah, that sounds like what you want out of today :wink:


I predicted that this would be the very first, and following that, the most common response.


In all honesty I think this is a very good way to start everyday. Additionally, I've found that writing down what I want to accomplish, either the night before or that morning upon waking, has been very prudent in helping me take care of business.


I want to win tonight's sailboat race. (blowjay guaranteed!)


I want to finally quit my old,small gym thats across town and join the new,bigger gym thats literally across the street from me.




LMAO! PEPCO (P.H.I.) is a huge customer of mine. If only they used our software for outages your power would be on quicker!


Arab cooch.

I'm going to the gym and school to find some.


Godamnit Roc! I knew when i saw this thread i'd have to scroll down to find ur post about Arab pussy... Jesus man go Astoria in New York and smash the fuck out of some Egyptian pussy!


Dude, I told you TN is going to have to deal with it until I get it. I'm going up to campus today because its crawling with foreign girls. I give it a week til I get it.


I want tomorrow


It takes you a week to get laid Babe?


Not pormised. Want today more.


That sounds like a blast. Can I join you?


I'll take some Arab trim as well, with a side of PMPM. Throw in some Nikki for dessert. Yes...yes that will do nicely.


No, but I'm guessing this will take some planning since I don't know how to talk to them.