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What Do You Want Out of Life?

What is it you want out of life?

Is there a specific goal or many smaller goals you want to achieve before you die?

Do you want to travel the world and see everything or settle down in your town and be happy?

Do you want to be rich and famous?

[quote]BackInAction wrote:
be happy


boom … right there

I want a career I can be proud of, that interests/inspires me and earns me a comfortable living. This is currently in progress.

Everything else will pretty much fall in place around that like my physique goals, meeting a woman to share my life with etc.


[quote]polo77j wrote:

[quote]BackInAction wrote:
be happy


boom … right there[/quote]

When I was a kid everytime I had a wish, that is all it was… (true story!)

[quote]DBCooper wrote:



I’d like to compete in at least one PL meet overseas. Ireland, Scotland, Wales or the like. Then, go hang with the locals. Oh, and get kicked out of a planet fitness.

I wanna be a billionaire… So freakin baaaaad! And by all the things I never had…
I wanna be on the cover of Forbes magazine

be an asset to the human race.

See my enemies driven before me.

To hear the lamentations of their women.

-As with Wormwood, to be an asset to humanity. To die “in the black” (having done more good to the world than harm)

-To be happy

-Two chicks at the same time. I’ve tried and tried but haven’t even come close to being successful

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I would love to in my lifetime compete in a BB competition… Winning would be great but all the time I spend on tmuscle, at gym, watching vids on youtube and constantly eating would to an extent mean something if I could push my body to its limits and at the end walk out on stage… Be something to be proud of for myself

I think that too many people are more concerned with what THEY want out of life, rather than what they can offer.

And that’s the whole paradox - if you keep pursuing something like happiness (especially with a view to “take take take”), you’ll probably not find it.

Happiness is a by-product of other things (especially things of a “spiritual” nature, which includes giving to others etc).

True happiness comes from finding meaning/purpose to your life, and includes much more than just yourself.

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[quote]Ct. Rockula wrote:
Middle Eastern Vag.[/quote]

Jesus Roc hoe many times?

[quote]Ct. Rockula wrote:
Middle Eastern Vag.[/quote]

Jesus Roc how many time? But if you insist… A bit of MILF. Princess Rania of Jordan!

Emmanuelle Chriqui? Ok born in Canada to Moroccan parents, its close enough tho right?

[quote]Marzouk wrote:

[quote]Ct. Rockula wrote:
Middle Eastern Vag.[/quote]

Jesus Roc hoe many times?[/quote]

Until I experience it for myself. Until then, you all will hear about how much I want it.

Ok heres the Princess, didn’t work the first time…