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What Do You Want From Tate?


I'm not sure if you've all had a chance to check out the Locker Room thread on the big Los Angeles seminar we're planning, but I wanted to toss something out there for you.

Dave Tate emailed me yesterday and asked if I'd be willing to help him gauge interest among the T-Nation crew about what they'd like to hear. That is, this is a chance to "customize" this seminar.

With that said, if you had two hours to spend in a room with Dave Tate, what could he teach you about that would benefit you the most? Remember, what you WANT to hear and what you NEED to hear are not always the same thing, and Dave is one of the best of the business at separating the two and telling it like it is.

With that said, you can post your responses here. Be sure to check out the seminar thread, too:


Thanks for your help with this!



What would be cool from Dave have him go though his extensive list of all the bad stuff that happens when guys squat with their feet to close together vs. a wide stance.

I took his Advanced Force Training seminar a few years ago and learned more in 2 hours about squatting and how to build powerful legs & posterior chain than in my previous 15 years of lifting!


Whether he feels that bulking up for his power lifting had a positive effect on muscle mass gains or whether he feels the extra weight had no use at all outside of his chosen sport.


Oh geez...


If Dave could choose only one favorite exercise to do for the rest of his life, what would it be?

I keed! I keed!

In all seriousness, I'm curious what Dave's take is on pushing the envelope vs injuries. Given his laundry list of injuries, I suspect he would have a unique take on the matter. I think AC said this once (paraphrashed and my apologies if I am misquoting here): "At some point, adding more weight to the bar is not going to be worth the time, effort, or injury risk to do it."

What are Dave's thoughts on this sentiment?




It would be cool to get his thoughts on the mental aspect of training and competing and more importantly the proper way to shave your arms and forearms to look really jacked.


I second this. I think it would be a very applicable topic and one not usually discussed that much.


And if he has time left after tackling that one, maybe he could discuss the difference between diameter and circumference. I'd like to hear his take on how they are commonly used to express measurements in real world applications.


**"kicks" Prof so he will quit skipping **


Two possibilities come to mind:

  1. Expand on his "The Band Man" article.

  2. Discuss the details of his recent transformation not covered in the articles here including but not limited to whether or not it will keep him from having to go under the knife again.

Naturally, I am expecting to see him posing in a speedo ala Mr. Olympia.


Not entirely correct - but my comment was with regards to "non lifting sport" athletes.

My point was that for a basketball player for example - at some point, the time, effort and injury risk to increase say, a 405lb squat to a 455lb squat may not be worth it in terms of the return on the court (ie improvements in your sport). In other words - strength is not likely the limiting factor in that player's performance anymore - and pursuing the strength improvements (and all the risk that comes with that) may not be worth it in terms of performance enhancement anymore.

Obviously ANY increase in poundage for a competitive powerlifter will be worth it. That's how their sport is judged.

Hope that helps a wee bit.



something with building materials
something where Dave says "Fuuuck it!"
something with the same song played over and over and over
something where Dave says "I don't give a fuck!"
any combo thereof

and, if possible, i think everyone should get an opportunity to hear and see Dave explain the deadlift

but this time give Dave a treadmill so he doesn't pace back and forth ... totally annoying


If I was able to go (which I'm not:( ) I'd want him to pick out a few people from the audience with different body types, and explain the differences (advantages/disadvantages) with respect to each body type in regards to performing the squat, deadlift and bench optimally.

Then I'd want him to take me aside and work out a powerlifting plan based solely on my strengths and weaknesses, and give me gift certificate for a year of free, one-on-one personal training sessions with him.


Good suggestions thus far, guys; keep 'em coming!


I would love for Dave to address how his drug usage was modified during this period of re-structuring that he went through. he has always been very open about his use and it would seem to me it would be beneficial for alot of people to know what type of androgen profile he follows now to maintain his current condition in comparison to what he was doing to maintain maximal weight.


I second this.