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What Do You Use to Add Flavor To...

Brown Rice: I was using some Teriyaki sauce but it has like 1700mg of sodium per teaspoon or something rediculous like that.

Chicken: Roasted Rasberry Chipotle Sauce. Dang good stuff, however i am suspicious of the ingredients. It all looks good except the first ingredient is sugar(10g sugars per tbsp). Of courpse i am sure the raspberries had a lot to do with that. Other than that I like BBQ sauce but the sodium content comes into play again. I like a lot of sauce with my chicken so I need some imput here.

Oatmeal: I am lazy and eat it plain.

Tuna: I like the flavored packets. Particularly the Sweet and Sour. I just add mustard and put it in between 2 slices of Whole wheat bread.

Pasta: Whole wheat pasta to be exact! I usually get some run of the mill marinara sauce. Sometimes i use olive oil, Freshly ground pepper, and some parmesian cheese. However I suspect too much fat and carbs in one meal. Not that it matters to me:)

Can’t think of any other relatively plain foods that I eat regularly. Anyone else?

Oatmeal: Blueberries

Chicken: Rosemary, lemon, olive oil, various spices.


Oatmeal: Low-Carb Grow!

Chicken: Homemade cranberry sauce. Make it with splenda instead of sugar and you’re good to go.