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What Do You Use for Pre-WO/Practice?



I want to know what to u use before your weight lifting and/or sports practice (football, baseball,...)

I heard good things about cytogainer but its hard for me to get it (very expensive in my country)

I'm using oats and a 2scoop protein shake, but my stomach doesn't feel very good sometimes...and I'm not "full of energy" (<- thats reason for a good pre workout nutrtion in my opinion).

PS: I'm talking about your meal 1-2 hours before sports!!!

Hope you share your experiences :slight_smile:


I usually take a shot of gasoline and inject some valvoline intraveinously.


I tried that too once, but I almost died.


If that's not enough tap with a shot of nitro.



Oats and Metabolic Drive.

And some cocaine.


its one helluva drug.


if the coke doesnt work, you can always stack adderall and coke together!


I bet you thought the "C" in my EC stack was caffeine, eh? Does 8 hours of HIIT


Best when snorted together. But I can see how doing a line might be a bit tough when you're on the field, so go ahead and mix the powder in a nasal spary container and tell your coach it's just for allergies.