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What Do You Typically Cruise On? Is Keeping T Levels 1200-1500 Too Much?

Hey guys just curious what you guys like to typically cruise at? My TRT clincic has me at 250mgs a week and I was told my two different doctors that keeping T levels around 1200-1500 is completely ok. Then I read on some forums that T levels above 700-900 is far too much and only will cause issues.

I’m no expert but I’d probly listen to two different doctors over a forum lol


This is what I keep my equiv androgen concentration at (actually probably slightly higher, around 1600-1800)… BUT I don’t cycle, so it evens out regarding how much long term harm is incurred

Also HCT doesn’t appear to budge (haemoglobin of 130 yessssssssss)… wait a minute

Should be closer to 140 now, been taking iron supplements

It’s largely individual what negative effects 1300-2000 total T will have and the long term effects aren’t totally known. It just effects people in different ways. Like me for instance I’m on 200mg/week divided into daily shots so my levels stay at 2000 which is both peak & trough as I inject 28.6mg every 24 hours (200mg once weekly has my levels under 1000 at trough). My HCT & Hemoglobin are both lower than most folks that take half my dose, lipids are fine, etc. Now is there more cardiovascular risk long term? Possibly. I’m lucky I don’t have any heart issues documented in my family but you never know. Personally I feel best where I’m at and I’m willing to take on that possible risk to feel optimal and the advantages that come with it in many aspects of life. It’s a question everyone needs to consider beforehand.