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well, i’m new in this forum. i’m from spain, and this is the next cycle i’m going to do, so…

Week 1-10 : 250 mg sustanon eod
1-6 : 150 mg anadrol ed
7-14 : 50 mg winstrol depot eod
13-14 : 6000 ui hcg/week
15-18 : 40-20-20-10 mg nolvadex ed
15-17 : 100-50-25 mg clomid ed

Looks like a pretty solid cycle. Will be fun… Why take nolva and clomid together? just choose one or the other… Also, not sure about the HCG. maybe someone else can give there two cents.

Looks pretty good, but The things I don’t like are:

  1. The use of an hepatoxic steroid for 14 weeks. First Anadrol then Winstol.

  2. Why such moderately heavy doses then such a low-dose of winstrol on an every-other day schedule when the Winstrol only has a half-life of around 8 hours plus the dispursion rate from the muscle to the blood, which is far less than 40 hours. Would seem much better to run 25-50mg PER DAY and if the shots are an issue, I would honestly say that in a case like this orals would be better for you and take 25mg twice a day.

  3. I personally do not like or feel that it makes much sense to run hcg at such a high dose as part of your PCT/End of cycle plan. What sort of issues did you have with your last cycle? I’d run much less, starting sooner, for much longer. I can shoot you a PM to an article on why, or post more if requested later.

  4. I’d save some money and just run the Nolvadex or Clomid - your preference, I’m probably the only one here that hates Nolvadex personally. If Nolvadex, run at 20mg per day until last 5 days then 10,10,10,5,5 no need to go above 15-20mg unless you are using for estrogen control to fight off high aromatization or bitch tits. Also if you run the HCG as you outlined, you should start the Nolvadex with the Hcg, again at 20mg and save some money and health issues.

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thank you for your advices. yes i’m 19, why?

[quote]Nando [19] wrote:
thank you for your advices. yes i’m 19, why?[/quote]

You are too young for gear. Unless you are a world class athlete, or have severely low natural test levels, there is absolutely no good reason for a teenager to be on steroids.

You can do more harm than good, and 99.9% of the time, turning to steroids is just an attempt to take a short cut.

Yes but… believe me, it isn?t my first cycle.


So the fact that you’ve been stupid enough in the past to use AAS at a too young age makes it OK to repeat it?

Two wrongs doesn’t make it right!