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Hey guys, so heres the thing ive posted b4 and got sum advice and ive been gaining weight since… again im 5’10" and at a steady weight of 140lb now… i want to gain as much as i can and workout as much as i can for the next 31 days…i need a workout plan or sumthing and sum advice on how i can make the best of the nest 31 days… i go to school n stuff but for the next 31 days im free from everything and anything and i just wanna see what i can do… any and all help is appreciated… flame all you want … im goin all out startin tomm…

Well, there’s two ways I’d probably swing this.

Option 1 - Waterbury’s 2x4 Muscle routine:

Only training 2 days a week, but you’re soing 2 sessions each time. If you’ve got 1 month of free time, this should allow you to acutally enjoy your free time, while still getting 4 solid workouts each week.

Option 2 - Dan John’s One Lift A Day routine:

Pretty much the complete opposite of the above program. You’re only doing one exercise each day, but you’re lifting 5 days a week. This gives you plenty of time to do other “stuff”, while still feeling like you’re training enough.

Nutrition-wise, eat more peanut butter and drink more milk. A buck-40? Brother, please.


If your looking to workout alot and gain alot take a look at CT’s new program HSS-100