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What Do You Think??


I've been lifting heavy weights...usually 5X5 with some variation depending on the day. My eating habits are under control and pretty damn solid.

In the last 2 months I've noticed large gains in lean body mass and drecrease in fat mass. I've lost about 25 pounds of fat, but sorry no particular measurements.

I'm not a body builder, but want to look aestetically good and cut, i guess what Shugart calls look good nekid, haha. Yeah i'm one of those. I'm looking to implement some cardio to lose more body fat primarily around the gut section (i'm not huge though, just got a little sumthin).

What kind of cardio or programs would you suggest?


Go get a tractor tire, a sledgehammer, a chainsaw, some sandbags, and find some trees to cut down. Use the tire to flip around the yard for time or distance. Use the sledge and do some striking on the tire again for time or quantity. Sandbags and logs from the trees can be used for carrying, pressing overhead, pulling or dragging, etc.


Great reply above and I say take it one step further and do what I call constructive cardio. Use all that stuff listed above and actaully do something, build something, renew something etc.

Other than that walk a LOT walking/hiking is awesome ans easy to do burns fat and releaxes you giving better sleep which gives more energy which in turn burns more energy.

HIIT a few times a week would be great. Just about any thing you will do. get up and moving and it will do what your asking it to.