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What do you think

After a couple years of reading and asking questions I’m going to hook myself up and run this cycle. If the vets would let me know what you think I would certainly appreciate it.

Weeks 1-10
300mgs of cyp & 300mgs of enthate a week
400 mgs of EQ a week
.5mgs ari EOD

Weeks 1-4
30mgs a day D-bol

Weeks 11-15
20mgs Nolva ED

Weeks 13-15
50mgs Clomid ED

This will be my first cycle (besides Mag10) and I’m hoping to gain 20lbs from it…and keep it. What do you think?

Thank you

looks good to me! the cyp and ene are basically the same thing so it doesnt matter when you run them. i would use the clomid as well as the nolva immediately post cycle.

Cycle looks pretty good. I don’t understand the theory of mixing the Enanthate and Cypionate though. Those two Tests are so close, I’d just pick one and stick with it (just for simplicity sake).

My main concern is your EQ. You are on it way too deep into the cycle. The EQ may effect PCT since serum levels will still be strong at the end of the cycle. I would drop it way before you end this cycle, and maybe opt for Fina/Tren instead.

You might want to increase your Clomid to 100mg per day for just the first week, and then do your 50mg dosages. Good luck.

As far as the test goes, just do 600mg/wk of the cheaper ester. I would cut the eq after 7 weeks and switch to 100mg/day winny tabs or 50mg/day inj. For pct you need to start off with higher doses and then come down. Use 40mg/day or use the clomid at the same time as the nolva.

Definetly cut the EQ at least 3 weeks out from the end. Do a bigger frontload of it if you want. But this stuff sticks around for a long long time and can be tough to recover from for that reason.

I would have to agree with MassN on this.

i have noticed a recent trend of advice to cut short the EQ duration in a typical 8 week cycle. i must say i disagree with this line of thinking. like cyp and enanthate, eq has a long half life. for all of them between 10-14 days. so in essence this makes an 8 weeker, with these chemicals, into a 10 weeker. ok, so whats the problem? one would be hard pressed to find recovery that much more difficult as opposed to 8 weeks. i have done multiple of both and i’ll be damned if i can tell. now i agree pushing it much further then 10, cycle after cycle will take its toll. as for pct, simply run it as scheduled. which is usually beginning 2 weeks post. the only needed change that i see would be extending pct by 2-4 weeks with clomid or nolva. this seems a much better option then running 5 or 6 short weeks of a great steroid such as equipoise. bottom line is, you will be more satisfied with your cycle doing it my way.

I kinda like it.

Stick with either Cyp or Enathate.
You do not need both for the obvious reasons stated in the previous replies.

Frontload that EQ @ 600-800mg WK1.
300-400mg the rest of the way.
I think you will like the results.

Bump your D-bol up to 40mg/day WK’s 1-4.
With that arimidex in there 40mg/day will prove to be more beneficial.

Up your Nolva to 40mg/day Weeks 1-2 PCT.
Then use 20mg/day Weeks 3-4 PCT.

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