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A while back I got a prescription for Depotestosterone and every two weeks I go in to the doctor’s office and I get a shot. Since my insurance will only pay for this therapy if I go into the office, I’m forced to continue the shots every two weeks otherwise they will deny coverage. My question has to do with how could I still do a cycle or two per year for example(test,tren,d-bol)if every two weeks i’m getting a shot of test. I don’t want to be on all the time but now I confused on how to approach this new conflict. I would appreciate if the vets would respond with some ideas. Thank you in advance. E

Just pretend that the shots you are getting every 2 weeks are your “natural levels” Do your cycles as if you were not getting that extra shot. After you are finished your cycle, use a post cycle protocal to continue to control estrogen, and get back to your natural levels pre cycle. The advantage you have is that you will keep a lot of your gains because technically you will not suffer a Test crash. If you think about it, you are in a good situation - as long as you are finished having or decided not to have kids…

Can you clarify what you’re worried about? I assume you’re worried about recovery, but if you’re on an HRT program, you’re already shut down. If that is the case, I guess the question is whether doing a “big” cycle will shut you down more.

Also, do you really “need” these shots every two weeks? Even if they’re covered by insurance you may not want to continue with it indefinitely. You could have the Doc write a scrip and then you should be able to legally import cheap stuff from Europe.

Get a new HRT doc, most of the good one’s recommend 1 shot per week, up to 200mg (as high as 400mg was required in some rare cases to hit high normal test levels). Esle you’ll be on a roller coaster.