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What do you think?

Hi guys. I’m just starting to lift weights, and so I’m using this program just to get a bit of a strength and muscle base, and get used to lifting. What do you think?

Monday:Back, Biceps)

Wide Grip Pullups: 50 in total taking as many sets as you have to
Bent Over Rows: 4x6
Upright Rows: 4x6
Decline Bar Pullovers: 3x4-6 to failure
Seated Dumbbell Curls:3x12

Wednesday: Legs

Squats: 4x6
Lunge Superset: Dynamic Lunges (6-8) then Static Lunges (4). 2-3 sets each leg.
Glute Ham Raises: 3xAMRAP
Straight Leg Deadlifts: 4x6
Step Ups: 3x8

Monday: Chest, Triceps, Delts

Superset Sidelying Dumbbell External Rotation, Sidelying Dumbbell Rear Delt Raise 1x12-15 each side
Bench Press: 6,1,6,1
Dips: 3x AMRAP
Skullcrushers/Close Grip Press: 3x6 each
Lateral Shoulder Raises: 4x6
Superset Pec/Reverse Pec Flys: 3x12 each

Along with this I do abs every time I’m at the gym. What do you guys think of my routine? Is there any room for improvement? I’m trying to strike a balance between strength and hypertrophy, and in about 2 months, I’ll move into a dedicated program for one of those two fields. Thanks.

Sorry if it’s too bunched up. There were lots of empty lines in there to space it out when I typed it, but for some reason the final draft is different. Is there any way to edit my post?

You are just beginning? Way too much work. How old, just starting = what? Are you in and out in about an hour? Are you progressing in weight each time? weight, reps with weight increasing or time used decreasing?

Yeah, I’m just starting. I work out with a friend, and he designed the program for the both of us, as he’s just coming off a layoff. We’ve already shortened the leg day, as that was too much work, but the rest is fine. We do situps first, which eats up some time, but after that we’re out in usually just over an hour. Thanks.

It seems like you’re doing too many sets. Also, if you’re just starting out, it’s really important to focus more on doing the exercises with proper form than with lots of weight. As a new lifter, keeping a food log to make sure that you’re eating properly, and sticking with compound movements Like Bench, squat and Pull ups, instead of targeting body parts (like doing skull crushers) will get you some really great gains.

At any rate, you should be able to get in and out of the gym in about an hour.

Based upon my experience with the way that my body works, I’ve found that I do best if my leg workouts happen at the beginning of the training week when I’m well rested. I think that this also sets your body up for growth during the rest of the week since you stimulated the largest muscle group first.

Anyway, there’s a thousand different ways to do things, this is just what I’ve found that works for me.

Good luck and keep us posted on your gains.