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These pics are from the Oregon State Championships. I won the Women’s Overall BodyBuilding title. Now i am making the switch to powerlifting… my first meet ever is in 3 weeks! Im excited.

My current bench 1RM is 225 lbs
dead 1RM is 305 lbs
squat 1RM is 325 lbs
clean 1RM is 135lbs

My current workout regime involves cycling 2 workouts- workout 1 is a strength/hypertrophy (bodybuilding) routine, while workout 2 is a power routine- the exercises and intensity change every 4-6 weeks.

My current nutrition regime involves eating 8-10 meals a day, all but my last meal of the day consist of 40% CHO, 30% P, 30% F. My last meal (before bed) is strictly protein

My stats-
5’6" height
152 lbs current weight 11% BF ( in pic Im 143lbs at 5.7%BF)
26 years old
years training 4

Awesome, good luck at your meet. I don’t really see any weak points.

very impressive stats and physique

I think your 1RMs are better than most of the posters on this site.

lets see a back/dbl bi shot! :smiley:

Holy crap… Amazing physique.

And I agree with Dylan, let’s see the back :smiley:

Front looks great whats the back pose like?

You need to work on your pecs…

But seriously, how do female bodybuilders deal with that aspect of their anatomy? i.e. bringing the chest muscles out, fat storage in mammary glands at very low bf %, etc.

[quote]Sick Rick wrote:
Holy crap… Amazing physique.

And I agree with Dylan, let’s see the back :D[/quote]

Right, because it’s her back you want to see. I still third that request though.

Amazing physique, and whoever said it, you are definately stronger then a lot of the members on this board, even the ones who claim otherwise.

Your bench, dead and squat is equipped right?

You look great.

very nice


You are amazing looking. Keep up the great work.



You’re the total package. Nice symmetry - you have a very balanced physique.

hope this works

i see nothing, :frowning:

You represent Oregon very well, even if you are a Duck :stuck_out_tongue:


Very impressive, and good luck with your meet. I remember seeing you at the gym when I was a freshman at Oregon. go ducks

your preety sexy as well lol

Nice! Hopefully one day I’ll have a GF that looks half as good as you in a swimsuit.