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What do you think?

Recovering from an injury still, but I’ve recently gained some size and become a tad leaner. Let me know what you think. 5’10 about 190


Back is looking good

Seems as thought the mods didn’t approve my leg pictures. I’ve tried uploading them several times. If it helps they’re about 26.5 2/3 the way up my thigh.

not a bad base so far. you seem to have the genetics to make good progress provided you find the right path training and diet wise.

What sort of program would you recommend? I’ve read about everything, but I’m still just doing my own thing. My diet is about 3800cals at 40/40/20.

Problem is right now I’ve got a bum lower back. Aka no squats, deads, bb rows etc.

Looking good on the upper back

Hahaha I love how this is in the rules post

Upper body is looking good. Still would like to see a leg shot soon tho.

yeah, uh, can someone tell me why this is in the “not acceptable” posts section? I think he looks alright, and atleast as good as a few of the “accepltable” posts