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What Do You Think - Upper/Lower Workout?

I have been wanting to try a workout that involves working muscles twice a week so i started doing some research. I came across two popular methods: Upper/Lower and Push/Pull. I would think that i would have some problems trying to do heavy bench and chest on the same day so i would like to try Upper/Lower workout program out first.

I read some of your articles about designing a workout: recovery, split, reps/sets. etc…and this is what i came up with. I appreciate any advice/constructive criticism or links. Thanks for your time man.

hard gainer
strengths: back/chest
weaknesses: legs! sucks being tall sometimes. ha

day1 - lower body
bb back squat 3x5-8
leg ext or Bulgarian squats 2x 5-8
stiff deadlifts 3x5-8
donkey raises 4x 8-10

day2 - upper body
bb flat bench 3x5-8
pendaly rows 3x5-8
db incline 2x 12-15
wide or close grip pulldowns 2x12-15
military press 3x5-8
db lat raises 2x 12-15
iso curls 3x 8-10
decline skull crushers 3x 8-10

day3 - rest

day4 - lower body
bb deadlifts 3x 5-8
front or box or zercher squats 2x 5-8
db or bb lunges 2x 12-15
leg curls 3x 8-10
leg press calve exts 4x 8-10

day5 - rest

day6 - upper body
bb incline bench 3x 5-8
db rows 3x5-8
db flat or decline bench 2x 12-15
weighted pullups 3x 5-8
db shoulder presses 3x 5-8
bb or db shrugs 2x12-15
hammer curl 3x 8-10
cable press down 3x 8-10

day7 - rest

Are we assuming your goal is mass? How is this changed from your last routine? And volume-wise, your focus appears to remain on chest/back (your strengths, right?). How are your arms and delts coming along?