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What do You Think to This Laptop?


Thinking of getting this, to replace a 3 year old laptop


I like to know what you think.


Pretty sweet specs there but then, at that price, they better be. I guess it would mostly come down to how much you want that BD-ROM and how comfortable you are with paying a premium for it.


I compared it to a Dells of similar spec (studio 17 and XPS) and the Dell worked out costing more.
17" screen was top priority as was a reasonably fast processor. BD- Rom was more a bonus.
All computers (i.e. EVERYTHING!) is/are expensive here in the UK :frowning:
But at least I have a little spare cash :slight_smile:
As I soon to get a DSLR (40D) the photoshop software that comes with the laptop is nice!


I was going to suggest the new range of Dell's, but that looks pretty good for the price, - I'd go for it.

Fist thing I would do is reload it with a fresh copy of Windows XP 64 bit because of the crap that comes pre-installed and Vista sucks bollocks.


Crap such as? (I have vista on the desk top, seems OK to me, however I'm not a computer expert by a long way!)


Well I suppose if you just use it for documents, email and browsing the net you'll be ok.

Mine became pretty much unusable after about 9 months and I have quite a high-end graphics desktop. Opening programs took ages, openin simple photos in Photoshop took over a minute (usually this takes seconds) and it would randomly freeze up for 10-20seconds. Great fun, especially when you have loads of work to get done.

Either way, that Viao is a nice little machine. I just repaired my HP (regretting it) and have been waiting since Monday for delivery, really annoying.