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1.If I name my daughter ''Barbara Bell'' ?

2.Did anyone ever tried buying or renting super-classy clothes, big glasses and fake jewelry just to pretend you are a millionaire so you can pick-up a stupid girl in the city?

3.Who has ever seen Koyaanisqatsi, the movie by Philip Glass? I think it is a really great piece of art. There is the trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PirH8PADDgQ. It just blow your minds without having any sense. My favorite part of the movie is when the girl close her car window and you see the reflection of a tower in NY. When you get the build-up from watching the entire movie it is really shocking.

4.I just finished studying the ACE personnal training book: 50 hours of studying only to find that there is no exam near where I live. It is really frustrating.

5.Is it possible to gain strength while dieting? Let's say I train westside 5 days a week while in a slight caloric deficit: good strategy?

  1. Let say we have a guy,17 yr/old not muscular with a amped-up nervous system who can deadlift 625 (like the guy in strength sport section). How can this guy put mass on his frame? He should be huge deadlifting that weight. He has clearly done this lift for more than 5rep a couple of time so why isnt he muscular? Is he gonna DL 1000 pounds one day? How is he gonna get huge if his super-efficient nervous system can take all the load? Light me up.



Koyaanisqatsi isn't "by Philip Glass." Glass is a composer. He wrote the music. The movie was directed by Godfrey Reggio.


You know that saying: "If something sounds too good to be true..."

Yeah, it applies here