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What Do You Think? Routine Critique


Flat barbell bench press
Seated shoulder barbell press
Incline db chest flys
side lateral raises
weighted dips
overhead dumbell extensions

Aim for 2 working sets of 10 reps. except for seated shoulder press and flat barbell bench press. For these, simply add weight until u hit ur 5 rep max. and then do another set of 5 reps.

Ex bench press:
135lbs x 5
185lbs x 5
225lbs x 5
250lbs x 5, 250lbs x 5

Like that.

bent over barbell row
Wide grip lat pulldown
barbell shrugs
face pulls
barbell curls

same thing as above. ur deadlift do a 3 rep max, and then do another set so 2 sets of 3 reps. For everything else 2 working sets of 10 reps

barbell squats- work ur way to a 3 rep max, then do 2 more sets. so a total of 3 sets and 3 reps
front squats- warmup. 3 straight sets of 5 reps
leg curl
front extensions
leg press
calf raises
ab workout

Goal is Bigger/Leaner/Stronger. Resting right now until monday, at that point i’m starting. Rest days will be whenever I feel like I need rest, going to completely listen to my body.

looks alright, only thing I would change is that seeing as you seem to be going for more of a strength focus on your leg day (sets of 3 or 5) I recommend starting with the front squats, working up to a 5RM for that day then when you hit that 5RM jump straight into back squats using the same weight you finished front squatting with and keep ramping up.

that makes more sense to me than ramping up to a top set of 3 then starting at the bottom with front squats again and ramping all the way up again.

either that or just do your front squats with higher reps after you’ve finished your back squat ramp.

just my tuppence worth


Needs close grip bench on push day and some RDL’s on pull day, but that’s just my preference.

[quote]csulli wrote:

Needs close grip bench on push day and some RDL’s on pull day, but that’s just my preference.[/quote]

accessory’s will be changed when I stall on them, so i’ll include them for sure later on