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What Do You Think of This?


Has anybody seen or tried this in real life? The demo and the idea looks interesting, it is a device to measure powerlifting squat depth, although to me it is not clear if in the video the guy really is squatting below parallel at IPF depth like they suggest. What do you think of it?



First, what video?
Second, it’s very expensive at $120. Why not use a box? Or a piece of string?
Third, I’m interested in how it works. Seems cool. :slight_smile:


I’ve seen this video before. I guess the trick is adjusting where the device sits on your leg. The lower it is, the deeper you have to Squat in order to get the feedback. The only problem would be having it set too high in your training. You would need to fine tune that first, and then be consistent.

The advantage of using this over a box or string is that you are not getting the feedback from touch, but rather from sound, so if you have someone calling depth at a meet, it might be a better tool for training.

It is an interesting device, and I have certainly blown $120 on much less useful things (usually involving alcohol and scantily clad ladies).