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What Do You Think of This Workout!

I have just got back from a 7 month deployment and while disappointed because i didnt gain as much as i though i would with going to the Gym 6 times a week, Now i have to go to a Marine Corps Course which if by the way you dont know requires a ton of running. I have to prepare my self for this becasue i dont have the muscular endurance i once had. To build myself up i came up with this Routine let me know what you think

Mon morning 3 mile run
afternoon Back
Tue afternoon Chest/300 routine
Wed morning 3 mile run
afternoon shoulders
Thur afternoon Bi’s Tri’s 300 routine
Fri morning 3 mile run
afternoon Legs
Sat rest
Sun rest

300 routine consists of
10 pullups
20 deadlifts 135 lbs
20 pushups
20 box jumps
20 floor wipers
20 single arm kettle ball clean and press 35 lbs (20 each arm)
10 pullups

rest 30 secs between each exercise and repeat circiut.
I know this program some laugh at it but it kicks my a#$ and gives me a cardio check in the box

For my lifting routine I do 2 heavy excercises and then workout high reps low weight. (example: Back: single arm row 3 sets of 10-8-6-bent over row 3 sets 10-8-6
then 3 other excercises light weight 3 sets 20-20-20 such as lat pull downs, cable rows, back extension

3 mile run is as fast as i can. my time now is pretty slow at 23:05

So let me know what you think;
My goals are to one day be about 190lbs 7-9% bodyfat
currently 175lbs 11-14%

(if this double posted, my bad, wasn’t showing up when I refreshed)

My guess is if you nailed your nutrition, and nailed your workouts. You failed on recovery, six days a week might of been too much.

Unless your eating a lot I don’t think a GAIN of 15lbs is going too happen.
Bottomline, you are going to need monitor your weight and calories to see whether you need to plus or minus some. Probably heavy on the plus if you didn’t make gains before.

Your already gonna be blood sugar drained with all these cardio exercises. I think you should concentrate on heavier sets and lower reps.

My personal preference is anti Lat Pulldowns, do regular (or weight) pullups 4 reps short of failure.

I think you need to prioritize your goals. Focus on kicking the living #$(% out of that Marine Corp Course, and then change up your routine to get your gains going. I think the workout you have put together should keep you from losing to much mass, although with that much cardio you’re going to have a harder time gaining mass then normal.

I think it blows a stiff one. “Afternoon legs” - whatever that is - probably isn’t nearly enough for what you’re looking for.

You want to gain mass correct? You want to go from 175 to ~190. Eat and squat. Do rippetoes, madcow or the similar to increase mass and strength. Cardio and such is fine, just eat your brains out and keep it simple!

Good luck and thanks for serving our country

The 300 workout is not what the actors did regularly. It was a one time test/competition that they used at the end of their training.

From the Gym Jones website:

The second misconception surrounds the idea of the Spartan workout, aka �??300�??, how frequently it was done or who actually finished it. �??300�?? is a one-time test, an invitation-only challenge undertaken by those deemed ready for it. By the end of our four-month project 17 people had done the workout

This 300 workout stuff is beginning to annoy me to a degree similar to Fightclub a couple years ago…

I don’t think you are training the right way, being former military myself i know how these things are run. I’ve also trained and been on deployment Marines before.

When i wanted to get my jump wings, i remember all i did was run, swim, sit ups, pull ups. And a lot of walking with full kit on.

I think your ptis will be able to help you out more then this forum will

All great advice, thanks for replying, the only one i didnt get was this one:

[quote]son of liars wrote:
I think it blows a stiff one. “Afternoon legs” - whatever that is -[/quote]

“Afternoon Legs” means i will do legs in the Afternoon
that means a leg workout.
As for the 300 part, I know that people laugh and criticize that workout and some even mistake the workout with the challenge. I should have been more specific and said that i do the workout not the challenge just the workout to get you ready for the challenge. I do it because it kicks my ass and my heart rate is through the roof and it make me want to pass out. (love it) I start cuttting my rest time in between.

I think my conclusion will be to stick to this routine and get my muscular endurance up and keep on training after this course is done it will be August and i will be ready to eat and pick up something heavy!! Making some damn gains

I wish I could give you “spot on” advice but I’m not really educated in miltary fitness style preparation/training.

That said,imo, it looks like you’re are doing too much. I would worry about CNS/adrenal fatigue/recovery,etc.

Also, this is the beginners section- your workout and goals look/seem rather “advanced”. You might want to post your questions in the combat sports section (just a thought).

good luck and let us know what you end up doing.

just curious what marine corps course are you going to?

that will determine if you need to gain weight or not.

just curious what marine corps course are you going to?

that will determine if you should put on size or not

This routine should improve your work capacity, muscular endurance, and aerobic conditioning. If those are the goals you’re training for, it looks good.

It won’t get you big. It won’t get you strong (in the sense of pushing/pulling for 1 rep).

I pretty much told you all you need to do, i am guessing the course is not that far away so theres no point hitting the weights its not really going to help you a great deal.

When you are on any course in the military all you do for pt is run and march

Well its Sgts course, pretty much all we will be doing is running, after that course i will begin on more time to try to put on some mass.

I can’t imagine someone building 15 pounds with such an intense routine, you’d better eat jackshit loads of stuff. I don’t know much about this style of conditionning, but I want to address one aspect of your plan: the training split. Training almost every day is rough, especially with shoulders straight after chest and back… and always only working one specific muscle every day is kind of a bodybuilding approach, I don’t know if it’s gonna help you achieve your conditionning goals. Keep your cardio sessions and 300 circuit, but switch your bodybuilding sessions to a 3 day split with mostly heavy reps of compound moves.

My suggestion:
Monday - Arms,Shoulders, traps
Wednesday - Quads, hamstrings, glutes, abs
Saturday - Chest, Back