What Do You Think of This Workout, Coach Thib?

CHEST & BACK workout-

  1. BB Bench press:-

    3 sets × 5 reps (2 warmup & 1 work set)

    The working set is a REST-PAUSE set.

  2. T-bar row:-

    3 sets × 5 reps (2 warmup & 1 work set)

    The working set is a REST-PAUSE set.

  3. Incline DB power fly:-

    1 set × 8-10 reps (No warmup sets)

    This is a DROP set.



    1 set × 8-10 reps (No warmup sets)

    This is a DROP set.

  4. Cable crossover:-

    1 set × 10-12 reps (No warmup sets)

    This is a MECHANICAL DROP set (It’s the
    coach’s favourite method so i had to
    include this).


    Cable Row:-

    1 set × 10-12 reps (No warmup sets)

    This is a MECHANICAL DROP set.

Should I include more work sets?

@Christian_Thibaudeau coach please review my workout as I would like to continue with it.

Just a small piece of advice if you wish to improve your chances of getting a positive response from CT:

1) Reduce the frequency of your questions or spread them out over a longer period of time: ask the most relevant question first so you can make a good start and ask less important questions later. With all the content that CT has shared for free on youtube, insta and this forum, you will actually have 90% of your questions answered already. Use your own brain and logic sometimes instead of blindly following what someone else does.

2) Kindly stop treating CT like he’s a demi-god: I know you’re having a little crush on his work and methodologies right now but if you haven’t noticed already, being overly grateful, worshipping and constantly giving compliments to CT makes him really uncomfortable. Some people like to be complimented, he does not. He likes to be respected but not by physically saying “I respect you so much bro”. It’s more like respecting someone in a delicate, indirect manner for example “thank you for anwering my question, I appreciate your time and I enjoy the work you have done for the fitness community thus far”.

To be honest, you are on a forum so other people can read your questions and comments too. If you’re trying too hard to get answers by pleasing someone, you’ll lose credibility, sympathy and greatly decrease your chances of getting a favorable response. It’s also quite cringy to read to be honest.

You’ll probably ignore my advice because “who am I” right? I’m just urging you to be more receptive to how someone reacts to your questions/comments and adapt accordingly if you wish to gain more favor.


Shortest week in history bro

Lou hit the nail on the head on all counts.

  1. I hate, HATE, HAAAAAATE people who suck up to me. I hate “yes men” who see me as their model (or their God like you said). I do not respond well to compliments. It sounds phony and annoying to me.

  2. I HATE even more people who constantly ask for things. ME ME ME GIVE GIVE GIVE… The people that I like and respond well to are those who contribute to discussions, who share ideas who do not always ask to be answered. It’s just like in real life: people who are “takers” are the most annoying. Before constantly asking others to answer you, why not engage in other discussions, and heck, maybe buy some products from the people who are helping you for free instead of just demanding and taking?

  3. There are some people who have been on my forum for YEARS and who I will ALWAYS help because of the way they act. They don’t constantly ask stuff, they don’t act like they are entitled to answers and they contribute positively to the community. Guys like @lou_smeets make me want to help them because of how they act. And how they have been contributing FOR YEARS Heck, I’ve sent full seminar documents and presentations FOR FREE to Lou and others just because of what they have been doing FOR YEARS on my forum.

  4. You come here, without any contribution, participation in discussions or anything and act like you are the center of attention. You are acting EXACTLY like a stranger who walk into a group of friends and try to steal the show even though the friends have known each others for years.

  5. I’m the kind of guy who will do ANYTHING to help the people I like. But I am the opposite with people I don’t like and am not comfortable with. I will be honest with you, I don’t like you and you make me uncomfortable Every time you post something I want to delete it.

Can that change? Can I get to like you more and want to help you? Yes. I’ve changed my opinion on people in the past. BUT it wont happen if you keep asking asking asking.

Try to hang around and just be a positive addition to the community. Start a log. Engage in discussion with others. Read and comment on articles. Share your opinion.

But don’t do it in a way that makes it evident that you are just trying to get on my good side, I can easily detect that. Participate because you WANT to be part of our community. And if you do that for long enough, get people to appreciate your presence, then you will find that people will want to help you out, me included.




Got it sir. You all have already helped me a lot.

The problem with me is that I’m “Very very very motivated to learn from coaches like CT who wants to go all out on topics and help others”.

I first watched CT on YouTube, one of his videos “why high volume is not the answer for hypertrophy” and since then I’ve watched his each and every YouTube video and read about 371 articles here on T-nation.

I don’t know him personally so i didn’t knew that he has a problem with a kid like me who’s constantly asking questions from CT. I’m really sorry for that.

CT gave an example :- “You’re just like a stranger who joined a group of friends and instantly trying to get attention”.

I wanna tell you that I’m actually completely opposite of that.
I’m very humble and very obedient. And i don’t want to gain the attention of you all, i just want to discuss fitness content more and more.

Yes coach thib, I want to be here for long and i want to be that guy who you would love to help. I’m gonna change myself because you are absolutely correct here whatever you said.

I’ll comment on the logs and will give my opinions and I’ll contribute in the discussions because as I’ve said earlier that i want to discuss about fitness and wants to learn more and more from elite coaches.

You don’t like me now but I want to be one of those guys like @lou_smeets .

Thank you CT for this lesson it’ll help me for sure.

Borther I respect everyone who’s involved in fitness. I’ve read your whole reply and you’re a great guy. Thanks a lot for all that because I don’t know coach thib personally but you mentioned everything about CT that i didn’t knew and got to know where I was wrong and what wrong am I doing. Appreciated brother.

Haha yaa it was.

However it was my last question because I’m going to give this workout the whole 2-3 months with a change in rep range so that was the reason i asked.

Reading is good, but practicing is better. Spend more time and energy training and i think you’ll find yourself asking very few questions.


I understand that, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with being passionate about something or someone. I would even encourage you to learn as much as you can from the people you admire, strive to be 1% better every day and help other people out. Those are all noble goals to have and pursue.

The way you go about doing this is important though. I’m sure Christian has zero issues with people who are a fan of his work. But you have to respect his freedom of choice and leave it up to him if he wants to respond to your questions or not. And you need to let him decide on his own time, not force a reaction out of him by tagging him in every post you create.

I don’t know him personally either. I’ve never even seen him in real life. I simply like to think that we share a relationship of mutual understanding and respect that is built on a passion for training.

I hope I do not have to explain to you why constantly bothering someone, who does not know you or who you are not paying to coach you, with questions and tags to get answers or freebies is annoying right?

It’s not like you can’t ask questions or make comments. You just need to pace yourself and not expect an immediate answer to everything you post on this forum. Especially not by sucking up to someone. That might work on gullible people but someone who is more perceptive will see right through you if you behave like that.

Instead, be patient and seek answers for your questions in previous posts (you can use the search button in the top right corner to quickly find topics related to your question. You’d be surprised to see how many people came before you who asked similar things).

I think you got the point, that’s good. By the way I’m not judging you as a person, I simply wanted to make you aware of what you were doing wrong.


Start a log and work your ass off - that’s the one thing we universally respect here. Whether you were obese and got healthier, ran your first 5k, won your bodybuilding pro card, are competing at the Arnold, or deadlifted 800 lbs (and we have real examples of each), we want to see hardass workers support each other.

Good luck!

@lou_smeets Do you think this guy is neurotype 1A?

I think I’m a type 1A …

Because I’m aggresive and only gets satisfied when I lift heavier weights and challenge myself. Anything under 8-10 reps really satisfies me. (Although I have Asthma)

After finishing my workout, i want to do more and more but the thing is high volume never worked for me so i prefer to stop, go home and eat a high carb meal because carbs don’t make me fat. I can eat anything even a plain sugar but I feel pumped after feeding carbs.

Whenever I did high volume with higher reps, i just fade away and looked lean in the first week itself. So i never thought of continuing the higher volume after one week.

I do think that I’m a type 1A.

It’s really hard for me to give a decent answer to that question.

I need a lot more cues (like visual or behavioral cues) and information to determine someone’s neurotype.

Otherwise it’s just a guessing game that’s based on a couple of posts. If I had to guess based on what I’ve read just now, I’d say he’s a type 2A passionate, right in the middle.

@Navv this is not an invitation to tell me all about your personality. Just look at the neurotyping series on youtube and connect the dots yourself or take the neurotyping test, which does all the work for you.

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I’ll go for a test right away.

@Navv When I was coaching (nothing to do with strength/bodybuilding) my first question to a new arrival was - what are your goals. 2nd, what is your current training and performance. 3rd, what limitations (time injury etc) do you have. If you dont provide some/all of these points you will never get a fully useful reply here or anywhere else.
If the new arrival could not provide the answers or their level of performance was too low I would send them to a less intensive training group. If they were all over the place and wasting people`s time it was just a case of telling them to go away. Frankly i didnt want anybody getting injured or dropping dead on my watch due to their own stupidity. My coaching certificate was on the line.
I suggest that you extrapolate some of the above into your own posts.

I read CTs threads because he is the most sports orientated coach here, with high level experience with sprinters, bobsled etc. Other coaches have other specialities. So you should think about where your interests lie. Figure out whether you have a sports query, bodybuilding query, whatever, and head there.

I dont post much by the way i just read the coaches that suit me, ditto the logs of people I think I can learn from.