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What Do You Think of This Statement?


It is better to have wisdom than riches and gold.

That sentence ranks very high on my bullshit-o-meter!


Define "better". It depends on what you want out of life.


Riches and gold can be taken from you, wisdom can't be.

I think it was my man B-Franks who came up with the idea that an investment in education is the one thing (besides an investment in the physical) that can never be taken from you. People can total your car and burn your house down, but at the end of the day you know what you know and you are what you are.

naw mean


clip11 is the most entertaining guy on this forum in my opinion. He is a living cliché


What if you have a stroke, or get into an accident and have some sort of serious brain injury?


That was my first thought when I read that too. I'm such a devil's advocate by nature lol.


lol lifter, you'd have a problem then i'd say - philosophy would cease to matter


A fool and his money are soon parted bro.


reminds me of the book The Count of Monte Cristo. Had the man Faria that had befriended Dantes not been rich of mind he surely would have gone mad locked away in a cell for all those years, just as Dantes was on the verge of doing.

Twice I have given up everything that I have worked to accumulate. Once for love and once for a friend. I sleep with a clear conscience and have experienced a love beyond anything that I could begin to explain. I would do it again in a heart beat.

Its only money.


So, if anyone on here could be given the whole salary of Michael Jordan or the wisdom of King Solomon and you had to choose one or the other, which would it be??? Remember, its either or.


You know what you can do with wisdom, clip? Make money.


Thats not the question, its one or the other.


Wisdom would have told you my answer was intrinsically implied within my response.

I get pretentious when I'm sleepy, enjoy MJ's salary.
(the other choice would be take the cash and get educated)


I would take the money, so that I could live comfortably and dedicate my life to doing whatever the fuck i want, which includes accumulating wisdom and mastering myself physically.


Also whores. Lots of whores.


A man can always make money. Wisdom and experience have no price. You can't buy it. It is therefore FAR more valuable.

My net worth was DECIMATED (literally) by a divorce in '07 and the stock crash that soon followed. Fast forward three years and I just "semi-retired" last month.

How did I do that? I was WISE enough to learn from all of the mistakes I made the first few times around, leveraged my available assets and resources, and didn't hesitate to invest in sectors that I believed would grow. I also worked my fucking ass off.

Your analogy of "choosing one OR the other" is flawed. If you truly possessed the wisdom of Solomon, his riches (and women) would follow shortly thereafter.

Hubris is a man's greatest enemy, not poverty. Study history. Find the patterns. Learn from them. In this information age we can, as Einstein put it, "stand on the shoulders of giants". The only thing holding you back is yourself and your own self limiting belief system. Take a look in the mirror every day: is your BEST self looking back? or is it just a bunch of fucking excuses?

Just my .02...


Then it is an impossible hypothetical.

I would have the wisdom, wisdom buys money.


Riches won't cure that either.


God damn. Chicken ftw.


See, now it just gets stupid. If we're choosing just one attribute we can posess to the exclusion of all others, I'd choose happiness. Who wants to be wise, poor and miserable? I'd much rather be poor, ignorant and happy.

But, to quote comdedian Daniel Toth, "people say money can't buy happiness, but it can buy a jet-ski, and have you ever seen a person on a jet-ski look unhappy?"