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What Do You Think of This Program?


Hey guys just wondering what you thought of this program .. pretty simple and yet i think it can work with the right intensity/diet...my focus is on chest .... here are my 1 rep maxes for the big three. btw my stats 5'9 205lbs. looking to shed a bit of body fat

squat 300
bench 285
deadlift 405

Day 1

5x Squats(back) or Front Squat: 5 reps
3x SLDL: 8 reps,1x12 50% of target weight
3x BB or DB Row: 8 reps
3x BB Curls: 10 reps

Day 2

4x BB Bench Press: 8 reps
3x Incline Fly: 10 reps
3x Military Press: 8 reps
3x Tricep Isolation (not sure what to do for this): 8 reps
2x Ab/Calf Work: 15 reps

Day 3

4x Deadlifts: 5 reps
3x Pullups (weighted): 8 reps
3x Leg Press: 8 reps;1x12 at 50% of target weight
3x Incline Curls: 10 reps

Day 4

4x BB Incline Press: 8 reps
3x DB Pullover: 10 reps
3x Dips: 8 reps
3x Side Lateral Raise: 8 reps
2x Ab/Calf Work: 15 reps

monday: On
tuesday: On
wednesday: hiit
thursday: On
friday: on
Saturday: hiit(cardio)
Sunday: Off



Wait what?


Those numbers are fucking unreal.

If you're looking to shed bodyfat the key on weight training is keeping your strength to keep muscle tissue, there's no rocket science on it.

It would be more interesting if you post your intended or current diet in which you plan to loose n pounds of mostly bodyfat I assume (that's another question, what's your goal? current bodyfat percentage and intended weight and bodyfat percentage for the cut).


here is my current diet

830am oatmeal/eggs/protein shake
1030am chicken breast/white rice(im asian -_-)/vegetables
1230pm almonds/rice cake
1-215pm workout
230pm pwo shake
330pm steak/white rice/vegetables
530pm turkey breast sandwich/apple
730pm chicken breast/vegtables
930pm cottage cheese ( gross )


training is fine
if your goal is losing BF its all about diet, you cant out train a bad diet(i tried to for years lol)