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What Do You Think of This Plan


Hi, I am new to the forum (although I have been reading T-Nation for the past month or two) and I am on a cutting cycle right now. I am about 15-18%BF and have adopted the V-Diet workout program. I am a poor college kid that can't afford to do the complete V-Diet, so I am eating the equivalant of what the V-Diet suggest, but only in solid food.

I started this on Monday weighing at 220lbs and I plan to get to about 200lbs within the 28 days. The question I have is on the days I don't have my workouts I like to do light cardio (30 minutes on the elliptical) But I am thinking about maybe doing a spin class two days a week to speed up fat burning. Is this a dumb idea because I am limiting my calories so much or will this help me lose the weight. I am going to track my progress on this post also as well as post some before and after pictures.