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What Do You Think of This Picture?


I'm not sure myself...

Elitefts Images

I tried embedding the photo, but had could not figure out how to save it from the flickr site, sorry.



Talk about starting equipped lifting too soon...


Shes too young.

Good way to mess her up.

Powerlifting is not a good preteen sport.

Nothing against lifting young, just max lifts.


WTF? Somebody give that girl a barbie!


On the upside, i think her deadlift ROM would only be about a foot.
On the downside, she probably wont grow more than 4 feet tall...


I can't believe no-one's heard of her before..

Kerri McCaslin's her name, aka "lil evil". Everyone who post on FI seems to think she's great, but everyone else seems to think she's a total joke.

Both her parents, Sandi and Zane lift. Zane was the one who made the duct tape bench shirt and press 600+ in it...


Didn't look like she was struggling for a max attempt. Cute picture (as I'm sure was the intent) but she needs to work on her depth. ;^)


Its not like that canvas is actually tight enough to get anything out of..


Ya, I haven't heard of her before. That would make sense, that guy and then his kid.

Personally I think it's cool she's lifting. On the flip side, wearing briefs, a suit, and wraps at her age and weights is one of the dumbest things I've seen in a while.



Then why wear it? and what about the wraps?

I'm all for kids getting into it, I just think thats a bit early to start piling on the gear.

Then again, I've never suited up, so I'm talking out of my ass.

I'm 25 been lifting for a number of years and don't think I'm ready for that kind of gear though.


Im taking a wild guess here, but probably because Mommy and Daddy are both lifters and she wants to be like them. To an 8 year old, it doesnt matter if it actually does anything, but it looks like the ones mom and dad wear. Im guessing the wraps are more window dressing and Im entirely doubtful that there are briefs under that suit.


That's what I was thinking too.

Hell, she's probably been lifting longer than many of us...


Marketing. Tbh.


Am I mistaken in remembering Mark Rippetoe writing that there is no correlation between weightlifting (with good form) and height? If I remember correctly weightlifting, even with prepubescents will not stunt growth, how tall one becomes is based purely on ones genetics. Another weightlifting myth.. just like how squatting is bad for your knees?


You sure about that? Here's a video of her benching:



Rippetoe did say that. I don't think there is anything wrong with her getting stronger using weights, the fact that she is covered in gear and doing singles is what's giving everybody a heart attack. If she would just lift in the 5 rep range for a few years raw first....


Fu*k that. That is retarded. At least we know she will prob be a pro powerlifter when she turns 20.


Perfectly understandable. Just wanted to attempt to squash any outcries of how she will now never grow and end up in a wheelchair in 5 years..all because of that damn weightlifting !


Hadnt seen that...I guess shes getting something out of that shirt, but it can't be very jacked up. I have a hard time seeing her being able to touch with 110 lbs in what appears to be a 2 ply open back shirt...

The canvas is definitely window dressing, if you look at it, there is visibly loose fabric.


You are right about that squat suit. I just wanted to point out that she is indeed using gear and getting quite a bit out of it.