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What Do You Think of This Leg Day?


Squat (sets and reps the same as the Wendlers 5/3/1 Method)
Bulgarian Split Squats 3-5x10 [Bodyweight]

Hip Flexor Stretch 2 x 60 sec
Barbell Hip Thrust 4x5
Single-leg hip thrust 2x20
Band Seated Abduction 2x10


Um, to me, looks awful.


What dont you like about it Ct. R? How do you feel it could be improved?


Looks shit tbf dude. What are your goals?


Goals are primarly strength my legs are big enough. Even though my ass is built Im looking to keep old man ass at bay.



Since you seem to have a specific goal in mind, and have tailored a routine in that direction, why do you need anyone's advice?

Having viewed you profile pics, you already look alike an accomplished lifter to me.

I'd try out what you've written down for a couple of months and see how it goes.



I think the assistance quad work is off considering you want strength. Why not got with a lunge after squatting? Or even high step ups?

Why so many hip thrusts? Id do 4 sets of them two single leg and two double..if single is that importtant to you.

That is if id do hip thrusts at all...

Can you rdl?

And have you discovered the glute kickback?

You haven't given much detail to go off of. Training history?


Thanks Iron Dwarf. Was just rocking my own boat and see if anyone threw out a new idea for me.


Stepups are a good idea since I stay in the same location. (I lift in a busy gym) I do RDL's or a variance of them on my lower back day. Not for my lower back but I feel that I the most responce from them after I tire out my back side with deadlifts.

glute kickbacks?

"Honest answer to Hip Thrusts" I have found that my... ability to... pleasure a woman... has increased since I started doing these. I know its seems sorta of silly since they are called hip thrusts but Im sure you have seen what they look like.. think about how strong that would make your "thrust and grind" action. I dont mean to offend or toot my own horn but this is what I have seen come from these.


Hahaha, I'm a doggystyle kinda guy myself so I like my rack pulls and rows

A glute kickback is done by attaching ankle straps to the low end of a pulley and looping one foot and swweping your leg straight back as high as possible.

Kills the glutes. If your gym has ankle straps try them after your thrusts to get some lift on those cheeks haha


Nothing wrong with doggystyle... nothing wrong at all. Ok I am familar with those kickbacks. I have seen thmem being done. Oddly only by woman but I think that is due to the stigma of a man working his glutes.