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What Do You Think of this Kid?

This kid is 17 years old and squatted 675 pounds without a suit. Insane.

He’s strong, but his technique looks a little sloppy (didn’t really let the weight settle after walking it out, just rushed to descend) and it looks like the back spotter helped him when he got stuck. So it’s questionable whether he can actually squat 675, but he definitely has a lot of potential and a lot of time to improve.


I agree with @chris_ottawa

I’d go so far as to say he failed the rep, in fact, because I’m pretty sure if his back spotter hadn’t held his chest up he’d have gotten stapled.

Doesn’t mean he isn’t a strong AF teenager, and I’m sure he’s good for 600 lbs no worries but his walkout is all over the shop and I’d say he’s at a high risk of messing himself up.


I think that 3 minutes and 26 seconds to squat 675lbs is a LOT of time under tension.

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he has a certain… flair for the dramatic?

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The squat itself was high and would not pass in allot of feds.

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Well hes certainly very strong. Found his instagram and he went from squatting 3 plates to 7 in a year.

Your video editing needs work. You’re all sizzle, no steak. All salt, no tequila. All hat, no cattle. Basically, you were so focused on the cool intro, choosing the awesome music, and building tension with the long dramatic build-up that you fucked up actually filming the rep by sticking the camera on the ground at one of the worst possible angles and you cut-away before the rep was even finished.

Why did you decide not to use the front-view that you used in the opening teaser? That’s rhetorical. You didn’t use it because showing the rep itself was an afterthought. Building fluff around it, choosing the right click-getting title, and planning your post-lift interview questions were your priority.

… to have guys as small as you side-spotting him, yes.

Strong kid, Wouldn’t pass in a meet, besides all the dumb stuff. Give the kid a break I did some pretty retarded stuff when I was 16 or 17

While we’re discussing the video, can I say I feel pretty vexed on hanging an American flag in front of a power rack?

With it on his back, there is a fair chance he has, at one point, farted on the American flag. It just happens with squatting. However, if it’s in front of you, there is a significant chance you will, at some point, spit on the American flag.

This is legitimately why I have a pirate flag hanging in front of my rack. It looks cool, but I don’t particularly care if I spit on it.


Fuck this dude lel.

Anyone following Joesph Pena? Smashed the previous junior WR squat by almost 50lbs with 387.5kg (854.3lb) when he was still (is?) a sub junior.

Crushing records before even competing in juniors… In a couple of years this kid will be looking at legit WRs


That’s a little strong of a thing to say about a child, don’t you think?

Mayb… but I think of OP as a lifter not a child

EDIT Sub junior lifter lel. Strong sub juniors can handle strong words I thinks.

I don’t conflate physical strength with maturity. I dunno. I wouldn’t tell a 17 year old to go f**k themselves. Just seems like bullying as an adult.


A bunch of the warm up reps looked like they might be high as well.

He is working hard. He definitely got that rep but he’s just gonna keep
grinding. With time he will hit 700 soon and so on. At 17 this kid is a
total beast. I do think a lot of you all put in very very good advice too
that definitely is good feedback but he will just keep hustling thanks for
all the feedback. He’s got plenty of time to grow more and more. Thanks for
all the feedback.

First I would say that is an awesome setup. Shame about the low ceiling.

I really like the explosiveness of the squat - very impressiveness. I think this guy would benefit from some patience. Take his time setting up then leave the aggression for coming out of the hole. It just feels there is lost energy that would help the lift.

As for depth, shit happens when you max out.

Won’t comment on the vid, not my thing.

Thanks. Yeah he definitely could benefit from slowing down a bit. He is
very good about recognizing when injuries come to pace himself so he will
soon learn to pace the lift. I am just pumped to see him hit 700 clean!
Thank you

It’s cool that you guys are Mashing up passion for the weights and passion for filming/editing (film making?) and everyone is working together.

Keep it Up!


He’s strong as fuck for his age…or any age for that matter…I HATE HIM!!!

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