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What Do You Think of this Doggcrapp ?


Here is the link for the article


I believe no matter what you call it it's all about feeling the burn at the end of practice

a simple equation for extreme growth

Burn= Pain = muscle fibre damage

Muscle fibre damage + FOOD + Supplements = Extreme anabolism (Muscular Hypertrophy)

No matter what u call it HIIT HFT 5x5 German volume or doggcrapp



I was not aware that there was any emphasis on Lactic Acid accumulation in DC training


set yourself on fire
then you will be huge


Spot on mate

where are u from down under




I am supposed to be moving to Australia soon but to Perth can you tell me how easy is it to get supplements in Australia


If you sincerely believe that bodybuilding and hypertrophy is about "feeling the burn," then you might as well go back to 80's-style high volume workouts. That way you can at least look cool with leg warmers and a ripped-up White Snake shirt.




Gee, so pinching my muscles really hard should be enough to cause them to grow, huh?


Meh, his was just a "burn baby burn, hardc0re raarrrrh!" post. But sadly, to this day people really thing everything is in "teh burn!!11".

The thing that confuses me about his post the most is that he lumps HIIT with doggcrap, 5x5 and the like. Taking into account the context of the doggcrap article (which is muscle building), lumping HIIT like that makes no sense at all.


So? Trolls rarely make sense.


Man, they're really coming in full force this morning.


Wait so your telling me you guys don't wear that stuff any more. Should I switch my White Snake shirt to my Crystal Gale shirt then...I'd hate to be that guy at the gym.




SSC, professor X and Cephalic Carnage may be u should post a picture so we can judge how Big u are cuz I am bored of 200 pounders talking bulk

ElNyka I know that u want us to believe this is a pic of u doing mma but actually this is a picture of u being frisky with ur boyfriend

as for the rest of u if you watch all the big bodybuilders videos I never see Jay Cutler, Ronnie,Ruhl, Nasser or Levrone do any fagitty brand name program all they say all the time is listen to your muscles train hard and heavy when you feel the energy and never leave the gym untill u feel that the bodypart u r training feels as if its gonna cut ur skin open.

Whatever u wanna call it it's ok just spend ur time in the gym getting bigger and stronger and spend less time writing dumbass sarcastic replies u bunch of 200 pound nincampoops



actually Inivtica DC is all about Lactic Acid because ur muscles are depleted of Creatine by the 3rd set max




HAHAHA Oh man that's classic. You really called out the wrong guys. These two fellas are under 6'0 ft tall and are in the 260-280 pound range, if not more at any given time. They are also much leaner than you.

When you have an avatar that most closely resembles the African cousin of the Michellan Man, it is laughable that you even talk shit to people weighing 200 lbs. If you decided to drop to single digit bodyfat you'd probably weigh 150 lbs.

Yet another case of a morbidly obese person thinking they are actually "swole".

Forgive me gentlemen for feeding the troll, I couldn't help it.


Wait, what?