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What Do You Think of This Diet?


After I finish the V-Diet, this is what I plan on eating. How does it look? If I start to feel like crap I plan on doubling the fats.

~7:00 AM
6 whole eggs, 1 cup oats, 1 banana, 18 almonds, fish oil cap
~11:00 AM
3 whole eggs, 1 banana, 1 tsp olive oil
~12:30 PM:Strength workout- (Drink 3 scoops Surge Recovery throughout)
~2:00 PM
Chicken Caesar salad(26g pro) and I'll pick the croutons out, 18 cashews, 2 whole eggs, fish oil cap
~4:30 PM
3 oz tuna, 18 peanuts, pickle
Large salad, 6 oz beef, sour cream, guacamole
1/2 cup Cottage cheese, fish oil cap, 1 tsp natural almond butter


That looks like it has it's fair share of fats, why would you just double it?

I find it odd that you will be counting your nuts :wink:


It's about 70-80 grams of fat, something like 2800 calories on training days. I count my nuts because I had the bad habit of just pounding fistfuls of nuts, then realizing I just ate 800 calories from almonds or something ridiculous.

This is a modified 'Zone' diet, but I added the workout shake because I run 3 times a week, box 3 times a week, will be lifting 4 days a week, and generally do outdoors shit. Doubling the fats to help recovery was my reasoning.

I was figuring to do this strict for a month (weekends included) to lean out, then possibly introducing more carbs(probably from potatoes) plus a refeed meal or two per week.


Hey man, I count my nuts every morning right when I wake up. You can never be too safe with them.

OP, as for your diet, I'd say the only thing to look out for is an egg allergy. Even if you're not allergic now, it's possible to develop one if you eat tons of eggs. Generally, if you develop one, you can just stay away from them for ~5 weeks and you'll be ok. Some people are more resistant to it than others, so hopefully you won't have a problem, because eggs are damn tasty and are excellent protein and fat.


instead of counting out the nuts why not just weigh them and put them in individual serving size containers? Just a thought, it'd be easier and faster.


is this for after the wind down from the diet also? you don't mean that you will start this after day 28 do you?


I believe this to be total bullshit. if people "developed" allergies no one would be taking protein powder any more, or they would be forced to cycle it.

Some people are not more resistant to it than others, more like the opposite, a very, very, very small amount of people might have a problem with some foods.


To Xab: Yea I thought of that, so I figured I'll just take a 24g scoop of 100% casein (10 bucks a pound) instead of the eggs with meals 2 and 3. I feel ya on the allergy thing.

Polo: I like counting nuts... Seriously though I will consider weighing. Need to find a cheapy scale.


no, this is supposed to be post 2 week transition phase.


and to add to that, allergies is not the same as sensitivities.
Suddenly start drinking a gallon of milk a day and you did not yesterday, sure you might get the shits, but you are not allergic to milk all of a sudden.


ah ok. You could throw in an additional shake after your workout.
Now that you are done the diet, what are your goal? maintenance? gain mass?


Yea Rek, I see your point too. But on a side note, last year I did eat about a dozen eggs a day at school with no issues, except the farts. The reason being that protein is hard to come by and for breakfast I go to a buffet style meal-hall where you can load a styrofoam container with as much eggs/bacon/biscuits etc you can carry. I usually just got some bacon and a dozen eggs, ate 6 eggs with breakfast and the bacon and snacked on the remainder throughout the day.

EDIT: Rek, I'm in the middle of week 4, so almost done. My goal is to lean out, probably down to 190-195, maintain that for a while, and start a slow 'clean bulk' but to be honest, I can't go much above 200 for the Marines. With that in mind, my real goals are: more aesthetics while maintaining 20 pullups/20 minute 3 mile/ improve work capacity/ getting strong as fuck/ staying around 200 lbs lean.


for my shakes I just use a measuring cup for the nuts. Some may say that's too much, but hell it's quicker than counting or weighing


I've never been a fan of mixing Fats and carbs at such high amounts as you show here. I find that the fats interfere too much with the absorption of the carbs and cause a lipogenic effect, but then again I don't know your body/how your body reacts to different macronutrients.

You said you were looking to lean out during this diet. If that is your main goal, you might want to try and focus more on getting your carbohydrates as early on in the day as possible and worrying about your fats later on. Maybe swap the 6 eggs at breakfast for one to two scoops of your protein powder and the 3 eggs at 11am for the 3oz of tuna you speak of later.


kevk010: thanks for the suggestion. this is still in the planning phase, so any suggestions are very helpful. i tried to figure out how to do more carbs in the morning, thats why I went with oats and fruit in the AM meals, and pretty much no starches in the PM.

could I just eat 6 egg whites with breakfast, and space the yolks out with meal 3-5, along with swapping the 3 eggs out completely for protein powder for meal 2(my first 'snack')? I really like the volume of the eggs for breakfast...