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What Do You Think Of This Cycle?


Hey everybody,
Im just throwing some thoughts out there to get some feed back. How does this cycle look as a quality mass bulding cycle?

What I was going to do is short four week cycles with four weeks off in between. Im 30 years old, 5'8", 220lbs. at about 12% bodyfat, and I have quite a bit of experience with gear. So here we go-

75mg tren. EOD
50mg wini. ED
100mg prop. EOD
30mg Anavar ED

After four weeks off, I would just repeat the same cycle again about 3 or 4 times.
I thought since these all have short acting esters, I would normalize rather quickly.
I know a lot of you are alot more knowledgeable than I am so any feedback (good or bad) would be greatly appreciated!


You said you have a lot of expereince with gear so I would think you might want a little more test and tren per week. Also, I don't think 30mg Var is going to make a big difference. In the past when I used Var I used 50mg/day and had descent results. But in the end you know your body better than I. Good Luck


double the dosage of your var and tren, and try and throw another 50 mgs of test in there...


i actually like the cycle as it is laid out. with 4 different AAS in there, your dosages could be just fine....as you can't discount synergy....1+1+1+1 actually can equal 5 or 6.

try it with your outlined dosages first. you said you have gear experience, so you will know if the dosages need tweaking after the first 4 weeker.

my guess is you may be pleased and/or suprised by how effective mild to moderate dosing is when stacking multiple AAS. but everyone is different.

good luck.


You also may want to look into taking 6 weeks off between rather than just 4.


Guys, at EOD that is 1110 mg of AAS a week. I would think anyone could grow on over a gram a week?

I kind of like the cycle as laid out as well. The only thing I might tweak is to add some Masteron at 200 mg or you could just use Proviron and I might up the Anavar to 50 mg a day, I ran it at 80 mg and was very pleased. I am not a big fan of Winstrol, I am thinking that is an oral since you doing it every day. I would only run the orals for 10-14 days. That would give you a 6 week break from the orals between 4 week runs.

I guranttee you that your HDL cholesterol will drop and you LDL will rocket up just from the oils, running orals for 4 weeks is probably not a good idea unless your managing your cholesterol.

Lastly, I would run HCG at 250 IUS EOD or at a minimum 2X a week starting at the end of week 1 and stopping after your last inject in week 4.


Actually, I was gonna inject the winni. I really like masteron, would that be 200mg/wk?