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What do you think of this cycle?

5 tabs of d-bol every day
50 mg winny every other day
150 mg deca twice a week

(Btw, this it not my cycle).

How many mg are the dbol.What do you know about Deca.What anti-e’s will you take.

?mg d-bol per tab

Winny would be better off ED.

Deca isn’t the drug of choice by most ont this board. EQ is. It’s less suppressive, promotes wicked hunger making it good for mass gain, and promotes better vascularity at a low Bdyft%.

Odd cycle. I agree with the use of EQ instead. But hey, if you can tolerate Deca…go for it. Dbol and Winny work very well together.

I assume the dbol tabs are 5mg/tab.
so here is how you should run it with what your buddy has:
Frontload your deca at least 800mg first week. then run it at least 400 mg or more per week,if he is insistant on 300mg a week then do a 600mg front.

run dbol 25mg per day
run winstrol 25mg per day

simple, cut and dried, you should get good results

It wouldn’t be my choice either. I’d use the dbol at 50mgs unless it was really bothering me, winny at 50mgs deca at 400-600mgs and add test at about 400-750mgs. Actually I’d do it with the eq or tren rather then deca. A lot of guys swear by deca, I’ve never really had any problems using it, but I have only used it once. And I don’t want any problems in the future so I tend to stay away from it as well…