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What Do You Think of the Tren? Home Brewed?

So I have purchased 2 products both trenabol 200 (e) and test e now I checked the verification stink code on the test and it came back positive however when I checked the tren verification code it cane back negative also there is a few things on the box which stick out that it could be a copy one being the hologram isn’t as shiny as the one on the test secondly the 3 squiggly lines on the actually bottle itself are positioned at different sides! I just want to know if I’m actually putting real tren into my body and not something that’s like b12

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It looks like tren. But who knows.

I’ve heard tren has a bit of a spicy taste to it… like it will burn the tongue a bit with a drop of it… try that… but its still not a guarantee… pin for 3 weeks… if you ain’t sleeping right, sweating yo ass off, and pushing weight on weight, you’ll know its good.

I don’t do illegal AAS so maybe I’m an idiot but what’s the purpose of a verification code. If I’m the supplier I’m going to send you a vial in a package with a “verification code” on it and then I’m going to put the same verification code on a website I maintain thereby making it authentic…?

I could piss in a vial but as long as the numbers match it must be real?

What am I missing?

No idea about the test but i have used SIS Tren A ealier this year and it looked just like that. Was very very good and verified by my bloodwork showing incredibly high estrogen (tren can show as estrogen on bloodwork)

Unfortunately they got shut down a few months ago so that’s probably the last of it