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What Do You Think of Pre-TRT Test Results?

I talked with the a guy at the my gym and he recommended getting my blood work done and test level checked. I’m 36, 5’10 , 218lbs and I do construction for a living. Been working out steady since October ( I was 250lbs). For one month I ate roughly 1500-2000 calories a day and quit drinking and that alone helped me drop 30 lbs but after 5 weeks I was sick of feeling weak and started eating 200-250 grams of protein a day, 2 bananas and an apple, quinoa, chickpeas and a bunch of chicken breast. It took another 4-6 weeks before I started seeing any strength increases but I noticed I could lift longer before feeling fatigued as soon as I started eating more calories. I’m currently eating 2700-3000+ daily.

I noticed I didn’t see any free t numbers on my test results. I also started eating more fish and 1 cup of almonds a day. Hopefully that helps with my cholesterol. Also 10,000 iu of vitamin d since starting trt at the end of January. I can say that a week after starting trt I felt like I was able to add more weight to my pr’s - maybe just a placebo effect. I definitely noticed libido increase and ease of concentration on tasks. People that know me have noticed some increase in muscularity and lower bf% which may or may not be directly from trt since I’ve only been in on it for a month.

Your T levels were low to start so TRT was probably a good idea. Nothing stands out on your bloodwork. I have low HDL like you(been on TRT over 10years). HDL was low my whole life. TRT made it go a bit lower. Not much you can do about it. Supplement with Niacin possibly? The important part is to look at TRT as a turning point … something cliche like ‘with great power comes great responsibility’ or something like that. It sounds like you have made some positive changes in your life. Make those permanent.

No need to test Free T directly, just can test SHBG and calculate your Free T and Free T percentage which in my opinion has more value. If you were recently sick that could help explain the mild elevation in liver enzymes.

Your testosterone was indeed low so it wasn’t inappropriate to start TRT.

Given your response so far, and testosterone level, you’re on the right path with TRT.

Regarding the highlighted items, LFTs are mildly elevated, which can be from a heavy workout the day prior. Your HDLs are low because your total cholesterol is low.

Also, your name is on a couple of those reports.

Thanks !

Is there any numbers for “free testosterone “ on there ? Should I ask for them to include that on my next blood test ? They want to test every 90 days

I had a very nasty flu bug the 1st week of January. Lost 5 lbs. I also take creatine

Do you have known liver issues? Do you drink alcohol a lot? Known toxin exposure? Your elevated AST & ALT are probably worth looking into.

10,000iu vit D daily is a lot. I wouldn’t do that forever. You can start to feel like crap at a certain point.

Yes up until October 2019 I would drink almost daily saying that it would be from a beer or two to possibly 10 beers on the weekend or vodka seltzer water for the last several years. I slowed down my drinking starting in October November and December and after New Year’s I cut back to once every two weeks and then I didn’t drink it all in February and a few days ago I had two beers after dinner but I think I’m gonna try to go another month or two without drinking again pretty much give it up altogether. I was going to see what my vitamin D look like on my next blood test and drop back to 5000 IU. The winters are long and dark where I live.

Seems like I’m double posting. Different format than I’m use to. Thanks for the replies everyone. Would it be much of a difference gain wise to shoot for 4500 ish calories ?

Training days look like this

Monday chest - flat bench 4x10
Incline 4x10
Decline 4x10- I’ve been adding 10 lbs to my starting set each week. I try to progress in weight each set by 10lbs. I try my max every 3-4 weeks. I gone from not being able to bench 205 1 rep to 250 for 3 reps. I’d say technique has been a large factor.

Dips 3x10- from zero reps in October
Pec deck 4x10 slow with a pause - what ever weight feels like a good burn/pump
Cable cross over 4x10 - same as peck deck

Tuesday - back
Pull-ups - whatever I can do gone from 1 in October to 3 sets of 6.
Dumbell rows have gone from nice form 45lbs to 90 lbs. slightly upright body position - 110 lbs 4x10.
Hammer strength latpull down 4x10 alternating sides .
Seated rows 4x10 alternating sides
Cable lat pull downs/ seated cable row super sets 4x10 alternating grip on rows.
Bent over barbell rows hurt my lower back too easy.
Wednesday- legs
Squats 4-5x10 gone from 135 to 225 with 1 rep max increase from 185 to 275 with some in the tank still. Technique has been the largest hurdle.
Deadlift 3-4x 10. 315 max working set, 430 1 rep max
Calf raises 4x10 slow with a pause

Thursday- shoulders
Lots of stretching especially between sets
Front raises 4x10
Arnold’s 4x10
Bent over fly 4x10-12

Friday - arms
Close grip pull-ups 3x6
Dips 3-4x10
Ez bar curls 4x10 65 lbs first set then to 85 for 3.
Ez curl bar skull Crushers 4x10-12 85lbs
Standing dumbell curls 4x10s
Behind the head tricep extensions 4x10
Hammer curls 4x10
Dip machine 4x10
Cable tricep extension very light till failure

Abs get thrown in at the end of days depending on time before I have to leave for work- except back and leg day.

@aaronca is the best man to answer this.

We are all different but I drank a beer or two daily and my liver values were middle range. I’m not sure how bad your numbers are but maybe @unreal24278 can comment on whether they are at the level of getting a doctor involved.

Given your struggle with being over weight, and still might be (depending on body fat%)? Jumping from 2700-3000 calories to 4500 is a big jump. Maybe try 500 calories for a period of time, see how it goes, then reevaluate if you want to bump it another 500 calories.

Your training split, leg day, and shoulder day could use a little work.

Are you doing cardio?

Two bananas, one apple, and depending on serving size of chick peas is a decent amount of sugar. Do you also drink any soda or sugary drinks, even juice?

No on the soda or sugary drinks. 200-250 grams of chickpeas blended. I spread it on top of my 200-250 grams of chicken breast and greens. Been eating that since December. I eat half after my morning morning gym session and the other half at lunch time. I do throw a scoop of preworkout in 4-6 oz of water before I leave the house on my way to the gym.

I left out smith machine shoulder press as the beginning of shoulder day. My shoulders are easily hurt but are getting some definition. My knees were hurting me at work(when waking down a steep slope) but lunges and light squats seem to help. I do 10-15 minutes on the exercise bike or 1-2 miles on the treadmill varying from a fast paced walk to a smooth jog for light cardio/warm up when I first get to the gym

2 scoops of ON brand whey, 2 g of sugar per scoop, an americano with cream once in a awhile. Every once in a while I bring a gallon of ice cream home but it doesn’t last long once the kids know about it.

My preworkout doesn’t contain sugar

By no means anything super bad or detrimental, I didn’t mean it like that. The sugar can also be beneficial if you eaten at the right times. You’ve done well thus far. I was just mentioning a few areas you could potentially improve on to have even better results. It all really depends on your goals.

I wasn’t being being defensive. I appreciate the pointers/help. I eat 1 banana with 2 scoops of whey in the morning upon waking , preworkout 1 hour later on my way to the gym. I eat the second banana before lunch. Apple after lunch “desert”. What changed would you recommend for leg/ shoulder day ?

With those that drink excessively, ALT and AST levels will get to 200-300, even higher. Your levels are slightly elevated, which can be the case a day or two after a few drinks or even after a heavy workout. Good call on stopping. Continued intake of alcohol will catch up with you eventually. Look around at men (or women) in their 40s and 50s with drinking problems.