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What Do You Think of Nutrabolics?

Looks like it works for Batista.

Oh boy, catchy music, pro wrestler, that’s enough evidence for me.

I’d take the company with a pretty big grain of salt, they come off the same as every other supplement company who’s trying to make a buck.

I have tried Magnum Quattro Protein Blend, and Magnum Tonic (Test sup). When I first tried the protein blend I began noticing a much faster increase in lean muscle gain, and the taste is great (chocolate). I like the Tonic aswell, 30 $ is what I paid for over a months supply, the ingredients are all pharmaceutical grade, and I can feel the distinctive effects of a good Test product, muscle hardness etc. so i feel the value is there.

Other products from them have gotten bad reviews on this site (Blow , A bomb)I cant opininate on their other products but im happy with the results so far. I’ll order some TRIBEX and Metabolic Drive with my next shipment of Surge / fish oil/ BCAA’s and compare.

Hope that helps.