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What Do You Think of New Routine?

Hey just wondered what you all thought about this routine I sort of came up with it looks like this:

Workout A: 3 Chest moves, 2 shoulder, weighted Abs
Workout B: 4 leg, 2 back, Core
Workout C: 3 shoulder, 2 chest, 2 triceps total abs (fast moves)
Workout D: 3 Back, 2 leg, 2 biceps lower abs

Workouts vary rep/set wise between 4x8, 3x12, 5x5
Day of rest built in either after each day or between B and C specifically:
m-a tu-b w-off th-a fr-b s-off su-off
m-a t-off w-b th-off fr-c sa-off su-d

give me some feedback.

Here is an example of what each workout may look like, this may make it easier for you guys to judge.

A: bench press, push press superset w/ fly, abs, decline bench w/ neutral grip shoulder press

B: squat, romainian deadlift w/ single arm dumbbell row, step up w/ pullup, goblet squat w/leg press calf raises, planks/side planks

C: military press, incline press, arnold press w/single arm dumbbell chest press, high pull w/ dips, abs

D: deadlift, wide grip seated row w/lunge, abs, chin up w/ single leg leg press, face pull, barbell curl

The workout plan itself looks pretty solid.