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What do You Think of My Workout Plan?


Hi everyone. I have been reading this site for a while now and have been going to the gym for a few years off and on. I have tried many different types of workouts that I have read from this site.

I for some reason can never do then exactly like from what I read. Either the rest is too short for me or going from one equipment to to the next and back is difficult since my gym is crowded. So now I am doing this routine. Tell me what you guys think. thanks.

I lift on Monday Wednesday Friday.

Squat 4 sets of 5
Deadlift 4 sets of 5
incline dumbell 3 sets of 10
cable rows 3 sets of 10
1 arm dumbell press 3 sets of 10
lat pulldowns 3 sets of 10


I'll bite...

I mean, I think either you haven't really been reading the site enough. Or, you have, and now you're trollin.
Or it is actually possible that you really are a newbie lookin for some help.
I believe in the good in people so I'll assume it's the last option and give ya some advice.

Stick with a time tested program written by a professional.

wsfsb3 by defranco or starting strength by rippetoe are both very popular choices for people fairly new to lifting.

Your program is not too bad, better than alot of things I see posted on here. I can see you tried hard to make something that makes sense. But there are a few issues...

Squatting+DL in high volume and high intensity is going to take it's toll very, very quickly. There is no way you can squat AND deadlift that much, three times a week.

Why incline dumbell instead of flat barbell bench?? Especially if you are also doing press's?
And why 3x10 instead of sticking with the 4x5?
Why cable rows? Why not BB or DB?
DB press is good, but BB press is better if your shoulders are OK to handle it.
Why lat pull-downs? Do your chins/pull ups!

I would go for starting strength if I were you. Contains pretty much the same exercises. Add dips or push-ups or some iso-tri movement to the bench day, add chins or pull-ups or some bi-iso movement to the press day and you'd good to go.


What are your goals right now?


Thanks for the reply. I sort of followed http://www.tmuscle.com/free_online_article//size_and_strength_training_for_generation_ent to make my workout.
Why incline dumbell instead of flat barbell bench? I read somewhere that incline is more of a better all around type lift.

And why 3x10 instead of sticking with the 4x5? That just happened when I move to the incline and it felt pretty good so I was sticking with it.

Why cable rows? Why not BB or DB? I can switch that out and see how it goes.

Why lat pull-downs? Do your chins/pull ups! Also can switch that out.


My goals are to be proficient in my squats and deadlift and the get bigger and stronger.


Incline db could be a better all round lift,
because of the increased use of your delts.

But I would suggest that you will never move as much weight with db incline vs. bb flat.

And your shoulders should be taken care of by pressing, for the moment.

So i'd go with bb or db flat bench, for better chest strength.

3x10 is good for size gains. But depending on how big you are already, how much weight you are lifting on those lifts... You might be better off doing your 4x5 to boost strength primarily. However if you are happy with 3x10 and are still adding weight to the bar every or every other workout, then stick with it.

Chins/pull-ups are the king of all lat width exercises!

I would still suggest checking out either SS or ws4sb.
Cause the main problem with your program is high volume of DL + Squat. You won't be able to keep up progress in both lifts doing that much volume 3x week.


I am 35 weight 170 5'9"
my lift numbers are
squat 185 for 5 reps 4 sets
deadlift 205 for 5 reps 4 sets
incline dumbell 60 for 10 reps 3 sets
cable rows 140 for 10 reps for 3 sets
1 arm shoulder press 30 for 10 reps 3 sets
lat pull downs 140 for 10 reps 3 sets

what I have been doing is staying the same during the week and on the friday I would see is I could do more reps on the last set. Starting the next week I would add 5 pounds to the lift and if I get threw the week finishing the sets or being able to do more reps the next week add 5 more pounds to the lift.

I am interested in the SS and ws4sb please if you have a link I would love to read it. Tried to search it but cam up with other peoples work out plans.


You may want to check into Waterbury's Muscle Revolution. Great book. Lots of info that is easily understood anp applicable.



Starting strength is actually a book written by Mark Rippetoe. Brilliant stuff if you want to learn the basic bb lifts. Good even if you think your form is good, we can always improve :wink:

But "starting strength" usually refers to the program that is outlined in the book. That link in the online wiki for it, contains a few diff. versions of the lift, lots of videos, stacks of info for you to get up ya!


ws4sb 3, by defranco.

Basically based off of the westside programs for powerlifters. Much more athletically minded. Much more user friendly.

Here's how I compare the two programs..

Starting strength is simpler. You just do the program as is. No need to think, or plan, or anything else. Just go to the gym and lift!
Adds some serious lbs to all of your major compound lifts.
Gives you a very good solid base of strength.
Linear gains- add weight to the bar every work out.
A good steppping stone into powerlifting workouts
Loads of good intermediate programs that this is a logical step into- madcow, texas method etc.
Short workouts.

Lack of variety, although there are a few things you could add to the program, or a few exercises that you could substitute for one another, this is very, very limited and generally frowned apon.
If BB is you goal, this could be a good starting point to get good strength, but will prob. leave arms and calves lagging if you stay on the program for a decent amount of time.

ws4sb's is good for people who want more variety in their program. Good for those that get bored easily.
Good if you know what your weaknesses are because you can prioritise them.
More generally athletically minded, will build explosiveness more that ss IMO.
More asthetically minded too, with more iso work.
Training 4x week- if you wanna be in the gym more often, this is a pro.
Builds good base of strength.
You could almost stay on this program indefinitley, just cycling between exercises.

More complicated. You have to make choices about what exercises to include. You may have trouble making balanced choices, and end up with lagging muscle groups, or at worst- muscle imbalances that may lead to injury.
Slower overall gains on the three big compound lifts, because you have to prioritise certain lifts.
training 4x week, and longer workouts- could be a con if you are time poor.

That's about all that I can think of for now...

Hope this helps you. Both are very good programs, and you will see good gains on either of them. Just take a look at both sites and decide which one is better for your goals.

Let us know what you think!


Thanks tassietaekwon I will be looking at the 2 programs.

Basicly the problem you have with my workout is the squating and the deadlift in the same day? or is it the frequency of squating and deadlifting?


1) Not that much, seen your current strength, but it can be an issue as you get stronger;

2) Most definitely yes! Even a novice program like Starting Strength (which has you squatting three times a week) has DL "only" three times over two weeks, and with a low volume.

Another issue is the complete lack of isolation exercises: I'm not telling you to devote yourself only to concentration curls and triceps kickbacks, but some lateral raises, rear delt raises (you have two pressing movements that heavily work front delts...someone said "shoulder imbalance"?), curls, triceps extensions, calf raise, abs...won't hurt!

If you want to go on with full-body workouts, I suggest you to split the exercises and add some isolation ones:

Day A
Squat 5 sets of 5
incline dumbell 3 sets of 10
cable rows 3 sets of 10
Bent-over lateral raise 3x8-12
Standing Calf raise 5x10
DB (as you seem disliking BB :wink: curl 3x8-12
Abs (choose an exercise you like...)

Day B
Deadlift 3 sets of 5
1 arm dumbell press 3 sets of 10
lat pulldowns 3 sets of 10
Close-grip bench press 3x5-8
Lateral raise 3x8-12
Seated Calf Raise 3x15-20
A different abs exercise


Thanks fabiop. I really appreciate your reply. The split you have planed looks really good. Now for the split would you recommend alternating it like on monday do workout A wednesday do workout B friday do workout A and the next week start with workout B?


Although fabiop basically answered the question, I'll say the same things anyway...

Yeah, DL + squat on the same day in the beginning is fine, but not 3-5x3-5 of both.
In starting strength you only do 1x5 DL every second workout, coupled with squatting every workout.
In ws4sb, I think you either DL or squat, and then rotate the other exercise in.

So yeah, the frequency and the volume is the problem.

Fabiop is right that a lack of iso movements could be a problem..
Personally when I was on SS I added dips to my bench day, chins to my press day. Then subbed those for curl variations and tri-iso variations.
Calf raises could be good too, though I've always done alot of rope-skipping so I don't need and couldn't handle calf-iso stuff.
And shoulder health stuff has always been important to me, so ytwl's, face-pulls, ext. rotation ect. at the end of my work-outs.

Fabiops suggested program looks ok to me, I can see that he's just tried to make your original program make more sense..
I still personally have a few issues with it, similar issues that I had with the original..
but I think that you could see some good gains on it for some time.

Still voting for SS or WS though :wink:

Oh and I'd say that yes, do the split a,b,a then b,a,b




Thanks tassietaekwon and fabiop for the reply's and the advise. I really like fabiop work out plan I guess like tassietaekwon pointed it out that it is similar to the work out I planed. I was reading the wsfsb3 workout and that really seems to be training for athletes playing sports. Lower on the page had the work out for the washed up meatheads seems more like the plan for me since the dynamic part was taken out. In fact I doubt I would do the dynamic part all by my self.

What I am thinking at the moment is to stick to my plan till the end of the month and switch to fabiop's plan till I get proficiant in it meaning I am able to do the preform the lifts with the correct amount of weights with out having to take long rests between the reps. Then move to one of Defrancos training programs. Defrancos training programs seem to be pretty intense and even though there are only 5-6 different lifts the amount is a lot to fit in to one session. Even the warm up is a damn good exercise in its self.


No worries shizfu,

You're right about ws4sb's being for sporting types, that's exactly what it was designed for, but using WS's power-lifting type protocols. So it's a good program for athlete's, general beginner strength, and also as an introduction into more traditional, advanced, westside routines.

Taking out the DE day is fine, as he says in the articles.

I'm glad that we could help you make a choice about where to take your training.

Doing fabiop's proposed plan is fine,
the main thing is to just keep adding weight onto the big three.

Once you can't do that, or you get bored, or whatever,
Then it's time for defranco!

Good luck!


Ok now I have another question. As you know I am adding weight every week, but lets say I added weight on Monday and I actually finished the reps and sets so the Wednesday I added weight and finished that reps and sets but it was a absolute struggle to finish it.

Would you go up in weight on Friday or would you stick to the weight i went up to on Wednesday and stick with it for a week then move up? I guess what I mean is would you do a weight that you cannot finish the reps and sets and work with that till you are able to finish the reps and sets?



Even if you struggled to get the prescribed # of reps, as long as you got them in good form (no cheating, no bending back, no momentum...), add weight next time. If you don't get the reps, don't add weight.


Thanks fabiop