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What Do You Think of My Uncle's Feats of Strength?


My uncle was only 5ft8 but weighed 17 stone also known as 240lbs and was very strong, he could do one arm push ups (apparently sometimes with only two fingers) and he could carry two washing machines (he said they dont weigh that much), he could deadlift a three wheel car with one finger.

One time, some woman had crashed and got stuck in a tree, he moved the car out of the way with his bare hands, he was even in the papers for it.

I made a post like this on bb.com but its full of insecure trolls saying 'stopped reading at 17 stone' '17 stone? was he in the middle ages'


Pffft. If he were a real man he'd have moved the tree out of the way.

Just kidding. Very impressive.

And never mind the trolls. In the United States, people can't even figure out the metric system, let alone any other system of weights and measures that doesn't feature feet and pounds and gallons.


All I can think about when you said feats of strength is Seinfeld and festivus.


Tell your uncle from me that one-armed push ups didn't exist in the Middle Ages.


That thread on the misc accused me of trolling for saying '17 stone' instead of 240lbs...some guys have all said he must be on steroids to be that strong when my uncle did it all natural.


Pssssssttt....I'm pretty sure he's fucking with us dude.

LOL, same here. I was half-expecting a pic of Jerry Stiller next to a pole.


Ok i should of said tests of strength and how the hell am i fucking with yous?


Went over this in the other thread. No one can do 2x washing machine naturally.

And your uncle is on some shit. Deal with it.


Sounds like you are jeolous to me, maybe your crappy genetics failed you in the strength department that is why you accuse anyone who is stronger then you to be on steroids and 'no one can do 2x washing machine' that dos not make sense.


Jealous?? Why, for your information LankyMofo can lift two washing machines, a dryer, AND this week's wash, put them somewhere else where they hadn't been before, and then pour himself a cold beer and look around to see what else to carry to new spots!

Edit: Right, LankyMofo?


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How does someone even carry two washing machines? Did he stack them? Is he Mr. Fantastic?


One in each hand.



So Mr. Fantastic.


I'm pretty sure plenty of people here are strong enough to carry two washing machines.

I'm just curious how you're going to actually carry two washing machines.


In somewhat related news, I once tried to move a washing machine which, unbeknownst to me, had water in it. I wondered who had slipped the cryptonite into my jock.

My dad knew an old school longshoreman. Freaky strong guy. Dad witnessed him one-hand a washing machine into a pickup truck. Didn't even look like he was trying that hard, apparently. It was strapped to a dolly that provided a convenient handle.


LOL thats what I was thinking.

Maybe he had a special bar attachment like they use for the farmer walk competitions


Not so impressive when you learn what kind of washing machine they were:


So lanky = reed richards?


Reed Richards is the lankiest mofo around.