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What do you think of my split

I just strted MAG-10 and I wanted some feedback on my traning split. I will be using a Poliquin type split including his workout from winning the arms race. It will lok like this: day one arms day two legs day three off day four chest back and shoulders day five off, repeat. I want to do between 8-12 sets per muscle group except for legs I was thinking of only doing 2-4 sets. The reason is my leg development is superior to my upper body development and my legs respond well to any type of training . I thought this way I may experience greater growth in the upper body. any comments are appriciated

Give it a try and let us know how it works. If you don’t get many results, then I would suggest following something along the lines of the Growth Surge Project. My only concern with the Poliquin split is that you aren’t training enough during the two-week period to make the most out of your gains. While using MAG-10, you should be going balls-to-the-wall and practically overtraining.

I will be on mag-10 for at least 6 weeks I may stay on for 10

Bump up that intensity.