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What Do You Think of My Second Cycle?


This is my second cycle. 5'11" 265, 35 years old

test e weeks 1-10 500mg
dbol weeks 3-6 30mg ed*
proviron weeks 6-12 20mg ed
hcg weeks 11-12
nolva weeks 13-16 20mg ed
adex weeks 1-12 .25mg eod

  • started using 50mg anadrol ed from week 1, but suspect I got some fake gear so am switching to dbol now


Is that a typo on the Proviron? Normally it comes in 25mg tabs. Typical dose is 25 or 50mg/d.

What dose of hCG are you planning?


Uneducated guess here:

For such cycle, wouldn't it be best to opt out of the hCG and let the body do it's thing naturally?


I don't know. would it?


yes, 25mg of proviron.

Haven't determined the hcg dose yet.


I think it's different for you since you're 35... But let's see what others have to say.


hey, do you think it's necessary to split up my dbol dosage during the day or is it ok to take it all at one time?


Split the dbol so you get smooth levels and not just spikes.