What Do You Think of My Routine?

This is the routine I am using now. I change the sets and reps once in a while and I do cardio on Wednesdays.


Bench 3x5
Decline Bench 5x8
Incline Bench 3x5
Pec-Dec Flyes4x10
Push Ups 5x8
Close-Grip Bench 3x6
Toe Raises 5x20
Military Press 4x5
Shrugs 4x7
Tricep Pressdowns 4x10
Overhead Extensions 3x6
One Hand DB Bench 3x6
One Arm DB Press 3x6
V-Sit DB Press 3x8


Lat Pulldowns 6x10
Stiff-Arm Pulldowns 4x12
Leg Extensions 3x10
BB Curls (Drop Set)4x5
Preacher Curls (Drop Set)4x5
Hammer Curls 3x10
One arm Rows 3x6
Wrist Curls 5x10
Barbell Rows 4x12
Squats 4x10
Leg Curls 4x10
Reverse Curls 3x30
EZ Upright Rows 3x10
Deadlift 4x6

Please give me your honest opinion and feel free to give me a routine that you recommend.

My opinions : I would never try this, and read a lot on this site.

Looks perfect, let us know how it works.

are you telling me you do 14 different exercises on one day??? get the fk outta here!!!

scrap that shit…research the site, work out your goals and choose a program that fits you…you will be surprised at the simplicity of it all.

From my experience:
These workouts are way too long. I got much better results when I shortened my workouts. Another thing that helped me a lot is throwing out all that isolation and machine stuff and focusing on multijoint freeweight movements.

Way to much.

That is honestly the WORST routine that I have seen in a while. Way too many isolation exercises, to many sets, too many reps. Stick with more compound exercises. Heres a routine that you can use:


Squats, Bench, BB Press, Dips


Deadlift, Pullups, BB Rows, BB Curls

Dont add or take out ANY exercises, this is important. Dont put in any isolation exercises besides the ones in the routine given. Every other week maybe switch some exercises like bench to incline, or BB Press to DB Press, or Dips to Closegrip bench. Change the set/rep scheme here and there. Maybe every day.

Well, if you’re taking buckets of steroids then it’s probably good, otherwise it sucks.

  1. Go read some stuff in the training section
  2. Do less volume
  3. Don’t spend more than about an hour in the gym
  4. Periodtize

If it works for you, great. It wouldn’t work for me. I combine compunds and mix in a little isolation moments because I enjoy them. This really looks like a beginer routine. There is nothing wrong with it, but I think there are more efficient ways to accomplish your goals. It really depends on your body, everything works for a while.

Try it and see how it works for you, you don’t need our opinion, you need your body’s. For instance, I once knew a guy whose leg routine consisted of two sets of leg press. His legs were friggin huge; genetics. That wouldn’t do shit for me, though.

Be careful, people get dogmatic about training, and a lot of times it goes with fads. No weight belts, weight belts are bad…Bullshit. Do ONLY compound movements, isolation is useless…Bullshit. Machines are useless…Bullshit. These things are all tools.

My keys are to keep it simple and always do more. When you are ready to throw away the notebook, then you are ready to get serious.