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What Do You Think of My Routine?


Hi, just managed to join a gym again in the last few weeks, havent been able to train properly since last january. I have been keeping fit though and maintaning good mobility, especialy hip mobility, and i had a very physical job through the whole summer which has made me stronger.

this is what i do at the gym.

strict overhead press (power clean into position) 10 x 3 - 42.5 kg increasing as i progress.
super setted with a set of 10 band pull aparts afetr each set.

pull ups x 50 - 10 x 5 (improve to doing less sets)
super setted with pushups (double ammunt of pull ups e.g. 5 pull ups - 10 pushups.)

deadlift 3 x 10 70kg
front squats (ATG) 3 x 4 60 kg

inverted rows 3 x 8

i switch between squats and deadlifts
one day squats - one day dead lifts.

i go to the gym 3 times a week and sometimes ill do 2 sets of 500 meter sprints on the rowing machine at the end of my workout

what do you thinkof my workout and what would you change?


depends what your goals are...


hmmm, main goals.

-to get strong in the overhead press
-get a muscle up
-build some muscle
-be more athletic


Get on a proven program.


cool. any suggestions?



buy the book

or some athletes on here seem to like westside for skinny bastards.

note: gaining muscle and strength won't happen without eating, and losing fear of gaining some body fat.


thanks for the responses

cheers for the suggestions.

i dont need to worry about not eating. i eat a ton of food, and i eat as healthy as i can (student with not much money and a car to run) but i pretty much shovel whatever food down i can, and i aint fat or chubby, but not ripped either.

i have to disagree with the statement that you cant gain strength without gaining fat though. through the summer i havent worked out but worked a very physical job with long hours (60-70 hours a week) and i lost a stone and got alot stronger.

i think to gain muscle you will need to gain some fat but strength is a different matter.

i dont want to gain much weight anyway as i love to climb whenever i can and i weigh 11 stone right now.


sorry, busy at work. you're right, getting stronger can happen without gaining additional mass. however, the same is not true with gaining muscle. at best, it can require a lot of fine-tuning to gain muscle without fat, and someone new to gaining muscle would be better off just worrying about eating enough to gain mass period, without worrying about gaining fat.


do 10x3 squats and deads, put more weight on the bar
then do 5x10 squats (lighter)


or if you're gregron, you do 135x50

then 185x20 pyramid down hack squats or some crazy sheeeet

lol OP just to be clear, you probably shouldn't do this^ yet


haha i like the sound of the 10 x 3 as anything above 8 reps gets boring quick.
but 10 x 3 followed by 10 x 5 sounds like murder!

135 x 50 sounds like a walk in the park.


I think you're reading it wrong, 10x3 is ten sets of 3, 5x10 is 5 sets of 10, and 135x50 is 135 for 50 reps


Ah my mistake, I made a typo. I meant to write 5 x 10. I need to slow down with the typing.

but the "135 x 50 sounds like a walk in the park" was a joke, if someone suggested that I think I'd go run and hide in the corner of changing rooms...


Nice to see another climber on the threads.

Is this what you are training for ?

In which case :

Pull ups..pull ups..pull ups..pull ups

Run to petes eats caff with loaded ruck.

Pull ups........


I do love climbing. I wouldnt call myself a climber though, got into it through some work mates when i worked at Go Ape the summer before last. they got me into bouldering, havent had the bloody chance to this summer.

now i might be starting a new job with set hours to work around college im hoping to start going bouldering a couple of times a week again,

i like the pullups, pull ups, pullups (I do hope you stopped at the caff for a load of food) but i cant really transfer my pull up strength to climbing as my fingers and hands die before my arms do.

do you climb alot and where do you climb?

im not training for climbing specificaly, more for just overal strength in basic movements. But pullups are high on the list of importance


Just got back from the gym, stuck with the same routine as I posted at the start.

Im going to stick with it untill I can make my bloody mind up which goals are more important to me and what im going to do.

but i have a question about deadlifts.

is 3 reps of 100kg a good weight for someone whos 75kg? (weighed myself before workout) obviously its a puny ammount compared to some of the people here and i want to increase it.

would doing 10 x 3 deadlifts be a bit overkill? on top of the pressin and pullups?



I have finaly decided to do stronglifts.

but I'm dissapointed that theres no pull ups included as they are pretty much my favorite exercise

do you think that if i do stronglifts but sub barbell rows for pullups, and bench press for weighted dips or just do another day of overhead press I'd still make pretty good progress?

The reason for not wanting to do bench press is cause I just hate it. When I was younger it was pretty much the only excercise I did, but now I just dont see the point in it, when I could do dips, which would probably suit me better as it could relate to strength I'd need when I go climbing. no offence if you do love bench press though.


just do pullups anyway - priorituse them over BBrows if you need to. And just dont bench if you dont want to - you arent training for a powerlifting meet, i have benched once so far this year

10x3 deads - depends on your recovery ability. i dont do them on days where i do ohp because my i power clean ever rep, and the two would get in the way of each other
I currently do:
1 - Max deads and squat
2 - OHP variations, snatches, pullups, repition squat
3 - Push press, back work
rest (or not, depends)


cheers. I'll do rows and pullups.

Is 1, 2 and 3 three different days or is that a typical day for you in the gym? If so you are a beast.


lol - i wish i won the lottery so i had that much time to train, its over three days