What Do You Think of my Program?


I added more unilateral variations for my muscle imbalance and already went to a specialist to get “corrected” so now back to the old one I was doing calistenics this week for rest of all the stress

Na man. I’ll let everyone explain why though.


If you only bench 110lbs(or anything less than 225lb) then 90% of that is a waste of time.

Pretty much any program off this site would be better. I recommend this…

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If that is your body in the profile pic then I would say you’re doing g a
lot right. Congrats

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Thanks for the building mass link, been looking for a plan like this

It looks like it was developed by someone with OCD.


Yes it is thanks

You can squat 200lbs for 8reps of 8 and ur doing 75+ reps of bench variations yet u dont have any Deadlift/good morning/back extensions and ur only shrugging with 20lbs??

Also why do u have even more decline bench in with ab work?

I think it looks absolutely terrible, and it also isn’t a program but a list of exercises with sets and reps.

It looks like you were playing a board game called “List all the exercises you can think of”, while simultaneously helping your fifth grade nephew by giving him some multiplication problems off to the right side of the paper. If so, not bad,… not bad at all. Most people call it “game night”, but I don’t have a problem with you calling it a program.

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You have remarkable penmanship.


lol, that’s what stuck out to me too!

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from your avatar you’d think you were benching way heavier than 110lbs…

That is why I’m highly doubtful about this thread.

If you’re a real person who asks real advice OP, this is what I can give to you.

  • Your program looks terrible, but if you have made such a gains with it go on.