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What Do You Think Of My Physique?


What do you guys think about the back? More to come soon... My chest is seriously lacking. Wheels are pic worthy.


Again. A star of David??


The Star of David was an awesome picture.

Good development and loowww body fat to boot. Good job.


So you decided to not put them in then??


I really don't care if your back looks like a christmas tree, please don't let this star of david shit catch on.


I agree


In your pose don't shrug your shoulders up, work on pulling your shoulders down. Other than that your back looks alright


Mazel Tov.


Star of david?


Need to learn how to pose it better drop your shoulders and raise your elbows slightly above shoulders. Otherwise looks decent


A little late but...




Well done!


i second that


Looking solid. Wheels aren't that bad either. I'd say your low BF is really contributing to the look and quality of your physique.

Who wants to see the Puckered Star of Jerome? Hahahah. Puke!


What are your stats?


Height: 5'9
Weight: 190 I was 205 about 8 mos back


Good job, keep up the good work!



Thanks dudes


How the hell does he get only a 5.6? Looks like you have worked hard. I say a solid 9.