What Do You Think of My First Cycle?

I am 5/11 my weight is 150 and I really just want to gain as much mass as I could with out gaining as much water weight and this is what I was thinking about

Week 1 to 10
Test-e 500mg
Injections mon and thur
Both test and eq
Week 1 to 8
Eq 400mg

Week 1 to 11
Hcg a weekly shout 500iu
Every friday

Week 1 to 10
Arimidex eod 1mg

Week 13
Day 1. 300mg
Day 2-11 100mg daily
Day 12-21 50mg daily

5’11 and 150 pounds?

I was 5’9 145 before I started lifting weights…at 16, how old are you?

I started working out when I was 16. I am 18 I have seen progress lil by lil but now I just want to juice up tired of the slow progress and I have also tried to eat like a horse but I dont gain much. Also when I was 16 my weight was 140

Don’t do steroids, you are nowhere near your natural maximal growth.

Yea I know that but it will take me a couple of years to get were I want to be and I akready decided to do it I just need a edvice on the cycle I had on mind

… Nothing great comes without great sacrifice.

lmao get the fuck out of here kid…

if you could only go from 140 to 150 at 5’11 in two years…not even steroids will help you…

again, get the fuck out

Kids like you give test a bad rep…

First of all why don’t yall tell me good advice on my cycle and stop talking shit. If I am 14 and I wanna take juice I ma do it no matter what…I aint trying talk about my stats just want to know about the cycle for its going be my first

We are telling you good advice…don’t do it.

Aight so how much experience and how old would I have to be to be ready to step it to the next level

And for mr walkway well that’s your body every person is different and some people have probloms I thought by now a dum ass could tell that. There is ppl that are obeast and excersize and still can’t loose a lot of weight after that

You’re fucking retarded. Did you not read the stickies or are you just stupid? Eat about 6,000 calories a day, train 4-5 times a week for the next ten years and then consider juice.

Please learn how to spell, too.

I know you’re young and you know everything, because I was young and knew everything once, too. It fades. But seriously, take these guys’ advice. Ain’t no magic bullet, bro. When you come onto a forum that’s all about juice enthusiasts, and they unanimously tell you not to juice, it might be for a good reason. Or maybe they’re all just dicks.

I was not much bigger than you when I started training (naturally), actually about the same size adjusted for height (6’1 165). You do not need juice, you need to learn how to eat and train. You might think you have those in the bag (I did, too) but your stats speak for themselves as mine did. I did GOMAD, ate until I was sick every day and a very simple 5x5 program 3 days a week, and put on 30lbs in a few months…light years more than I ever accomplished doing routines you read in bodybuilding mags, and eating like a hippie (with a couple of protein shakes thrown in) so I didn’t get fat–LOL. Trust me, I have skinny-guy genes too. So fucking what? You have the cards you’re dealt, you do the best you can with them. You can’t change your genes, so focusing on them is just not productive.

Read up at stronglifts.com, buy Rippetoe’s books, DO SQUATS AND EAT. Shit works.

Steroids are only an adjunct, they will not compensate for deficiencies in diet or training. When you get your diet and training locked-on, and are gaining 5lbs a week, you will realize you don’t even need it. At your age and training level, you can achieve a rate of progress without drugs that pros can only dream of. Trust me. Get yourself to 200lbs lean and then think about some chemical enhancement…maybe. Train for performance–put more weight on the bar every week and log all your lifts. Weigh yourself once a week. If you aren’t gaining weight, eat 500 more calories a day. Repeat that until you gain.

TRAIN FOR STRENGTH. The size will follow.

your gonna do what your gonna do bro, but your supposed to be atleast 23-25 to start gear. But if your gonna do it no matter what ppl say then there is 2 ways of doing it. some ppl say do a decent amount your first cycle cause you get the best results. but some say dont do a whole lot, just start slow.

A nice thing about test is you can up the dose in the middle of cycle. I did 500mg for my first and didnt think it was enough so i went up to 750 mg/week. But bro if i were you i would get your diet straight and your lifting straight. If your not gaining at your age your doing something wrong, its not like you just do gear and your huge in a couple months anyways. Good luck bro

Just get in there and fucking train for like 10 years eat like an animal daily and come back with decent training experience and around 200 something pounds. Thats when you can consider gear.

[quote]bren686 wrote:

A nice thing about test is you can up the dose in the middle of cycle. I did 500mg for my first and didnt think it was enough so i went up to 750 mg/week.[/quote]

lol, why would you include that in your post that had nothing to do with giving cycle advice?

I knew i wanted to do steroids since i was 16 years old. When i was a college freshman, I almost ordered some test from advanced stealth when they were still around, but decided not to have it sent to my dorm room. I creeped around on tnation before that and ignored everyone’s advice not to run a cycle because of my age, so i held off and im glad i did.

Even though 21 was still very young to go on the sauce, i felt like i had enough knowledge about gear that I could safely run a sucessfull cycle.

My advice is wait, train and eat hard, keep your receptors fresh until your at a good age, its worth the wait.

[quote]acostabloodline wrote:
There is ppl that are obeast [/quote]

You don’t say?

For an 18 year old you sure are mature and intelligent sounding.

Good luck with your bright future modelling for Gap Kids.