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What Do You Think of My Diet?


Meal #1
? cup of cr?me of brown rice 510/3/108/15
1 scoop of whey 110/1.5/1.5/22
? cup egg whites 60/0/0/13

Total Fat- 3.5 Protein-50 Carbohydrates-110

Meal 2
3.5oz Chicken 165/4/0/31
2 cup brown rice 434/4/90/10
2 cup romaine lettuce 20/-/4/2

Total F- 8.5 P- 43 C- 94

Meal 3 (only during the week)
MRP Packet

F-7 P- 32 C- 39

Meal 4
3.5 oz chicken 165/4/0/31
2 cup Romaine lettuce 20/-/4/2
1.5 cup brown rice 325.5/4/67.5/7.5

Total F- 8 P- 38.5 C- 67.5

Meal 5 PWO Nutrition
60g of dextrose -/-/60/-
1.5 scoops of whey -/3/3/33

F- 3 P- 33 C- 63

Meal 6
1 cup broccoli 20/-/4/2
1 cup choliflower 25/-/5/2
7oz top sirloin 353/14/-/64

Total F- 16 P- 64 C- 9

Meal 7
? cup egg whites 60/0/0/13
2 tbsp. almond butter 220/18/7/5

Total F-18 P- 18 C- 7

Meal 8
1 tbsp. flax 125/14.5/-/-
1 scoop casein 110/2/3/20

Total F- 16 P-20 C- 3

Fat= 79= 711= 20%
Carbohydrates= 393= 1572= 45%
Protein= 301= 1204= 35%
Total Calories= 3487

Totals Non-Training Days (minus m3, m5, - 1 cup of brown rice)
Fat- 66= 594= 25%
Carbohydrates- 227= 908= 38%
Protein- 222= 888= 37%
Total Cal= 2390

Totals Saturday (only change is pwo shake half amount of protein/dextrose)
Fat- 76.5= 688.5= 22%
Carbohydrates- 346= 1384= 44%
Protein- 261= 1044= 34%
Total Cal= 3117


Not to bad IMO. What are your goals?? Is this working toward them??


It seems like you would want to switch from brown rice every once and awhile, but it seems to be working well for you thus far.


ya it sucks i would def like a change, but my options are limited. My goals are to maintain my current weight/bf. I think I am getting stagnant on this diet though because I have been doing it for so long thats why i wanted to some advice possible ways to change it up. Input appreciated.


"Stagnant," yet your goal is to stagnate to maintian both current weight and body fat. So the diet is a success.

If you want to gain eat more, lose eat less.

I also agree on the rice thing. Try and get some oats and sweet taters for variety. They are both better complex carb choices IMO as well.


Nice diet. You have the same problem as i do though, it gets boring. Same shit day in day out. I change my diet every month or so just to give it some variety.

Try making an excel sheet that you can use to calculate p/f/c ratios and amounts per meal, that way you can change diets easily.


I have tried to incorporate more oats into this diet, however, oats do not agree with me. I immediately feel bloated after consuming oatmeal whihc leads me to believe that i am allergic to it. I am going to try to get some sweet potatoes into the mix though and see how that works. I would like to gain some (maybe 5 lbs). What do u guys think about having a few meals with all three macros to bulk some? Thanks guys for the input.


LOL. Yeah, I had an oat bloat problem when I first started. You have to drink tons and tons and tons of water. I drink 32oz of water before I eat the oats and then make sure my oatmeal is nice and near soup like consistency.


Try cooking your oats. Plain raw oats seem to give many ppl gastric distress, including myself.

Pour a glass of water per 6 Tbs. of oats you consume and cook in the microwave.

That's what I do and the problem has subsided.


ya when I have had the oats they were cooked. I had a cup at time. It maybe because I had a large amount, not sure though.