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What Do You Think of My Diet?


This is what I eat Monday through Friday afternoon,

3 large Eggs
Glass of milk
Half Grapefruit

EAS Premium Protein 2 scoops

7 ounce can of Tuna Chunk Light in Water
1 Apple

8 ounces Costco Beef

1530 Pre Workout
EAS Premium Protein 2 scoops

EAS Premium Protein 2 scoops

8 ounces Costco Ground Beef or 7 ounce Salmon

Before bed
2 scoops ON Casein Protein

On Friday night and Saturday I eat High Carb.
I take BSN CellMass, Universal Animal Pack, Xtend, and Superpump 250

I am trying to get to 235 and 8-10% Body Fat and am currently at 238 and 16% BF.

I train weights 6 days a week lifting 4-6 rep sets with a (Leg and Bicep), (Shoulder, Back, and Traps), and (Chest and Triceps). In between the groups I do a Complex and Plyometrics training.
Monday Leg Bi
Tuesday Complex Plyometrics
Wed Chest Triceps

Do you think I am eating to much Tuna or Beef a day. I don't think so but my friend seems to think I am. I appreciate all input.


Your friend is probably sucking some dietitian cock. There's no such thing as too much beef or tuna, so long as the rest of your diet is appropriate for it.


I will not comment other than you may not want to read the responses. I have been around these forums for about a year. I wouldn't hold my breath for the type of responses you were hoping for when you posted. Hopefully, I am wrong. Good luck.


My initial thoughts:

  • It must suck to eat this all week.
  • Man, that is a LOT of protein powder.
  • Where are all the fruits and veggies?
  • Get rid of all the bullshit supplements. BSN? Superpump? Fish oil, a good multi (Animal Pack is OK), and Creatine Mono.
  • Carbs are not evil. Get 'em in the morning and around your workout.
  • A little variety in your protein sources wouldn't hurt. (Steak maybe?)

Take it or leave it, but those are my thoughts about your diet.



Also, use the search function to evaluate your diet, there is plenty of information on this site, including tons of threads that have already been posted and evaluated around the subject of diet. Search function should be your "go to", it will also help you from receiving well crafted sarcastic comments, which you will learn to love.


dude, what about fiber?

All that protein and no fiber? not good man.

Here's some ideas:

black beans, or red beans
Natural Dark chocolate bars not shit ones (honestly, 4 little chunks is like 9g fiber man)
more apples

best of luck to you!!


Yes it sucks to eat this everyday. I use two scoops each time because one is only 27g Protein and want 40-50g per meal. What supps do you use? I have fruit throughout the day with breakfast and my third meal and some blueberries when ever I feel like some. I do eat carbs on the weekend. The diet plan I am basing mine off of says to eat low carb for 5.5 days and eat high carb for the rest of the week until you start to loose vascularity. I have yet to achieve the loss of vascularity tho on the weekend. I eat these everyday because it is cheap and I am trying to keep it that way.


Thanks. I have some soy beans that I snack on throughout the day. They have 8g of fiber per serving. I try to eat Broccoli for my vegetable with dinner.


I didn't know you were intentionally going for low carb.

Anyway... vegetables. Lots of em.

Maybe try to introduce more protein variety in real foods to offset some of the powder. Chicken. Pork. Human flesh. Etc.


I though about chicken but I really hate the taste of dried out reheated chicken. Maybe the human flesh approach is a better choice. lol


You can try dark meat chicken. Its much jucier with a higher fat content which will increase satiety. I agree with the other guys, where is the fiber? Man taking a dump must be horrible for you(ouch)...plus the feeling bloated yuuuck. Increase that fiber w/ lots of water and I'll bet you drop 5-10 lbs. the 1st wk.

Plus the increase of carbs will enable you to push harder through your workouts, causing more tissue damage. This will not only improve strength/size/amt. more quickly, but increase metabolism and burn more fat...think EPOC/caloric defict.


I will look for the dark meat thanks. I drink a minimum of 2L of water from 08-1600hrs a day plus what ever I drink at home. And I do increase the carbs on the weekend. I will try to find the article I based my diet off of. (at this time i am having trouble locating it.)


Ok well I cant post what i want so if you want to see the article go to bodybuilding . com and search anabolic nutrition diet plan and it should be the first one


I use a variety of supps, none of which come in shiny, translucent packaging. In my experience, I've learned to stay away from supps with outrageous packaging/claims. Specifically, I use fish oil, a multi, D3, green phytofoods, and digestive enzymes.

Superpump, Cellmass, Xtend, and all that other crap is far from cheap. Ditch them and spend the extra cash on food.


X2 You want to go low carb? Eat more meat and vegetables.


That's the goal right now until I reach my 8-10% bf.