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What Do You Think of My Bulk Diet


I know this has been asked a million times but this is the first time i've planned a daily diet. I just want to make sure i'm not doing something totally wrong and I also wanted to see what advice you might have.

I just started GVT last week and it is brutal. I'm 6', 210, with about 12-15% BF. I'm not exactly carb tolerant but the gvt has been nothing but draining so I figured I needed all these carbs to survive.

Thanks for any help you can offer.

*BTW i'm not new to T-Nation. I just recently changed my profile name so it didn't include my last name.

Anyway here's the diet:

Meal 1(10am):
4 Packages Grits
4 Eggs
1 Cup whole milk
40g Pro, 100g Carbs, 30g Fat

Meal 2(12:30pm):
4oz chicken breast
2 slices bread
1 slice cheese
1 Apple
45g Pro, 40g Carbs, 10g Fat

Meal 3(3:30pm):
4oz pork chop
1 cup brown rice
Mixed veggies/Spinach
35g Pro, 45g Carbs, 25g Fat

1 Banana
2 servings peanuts
15g Pro, 30g Carbs, 30g Fat

1 Shake
35g Pro, 40g Carbs

1 Banana
2 servings peanuts
1 can tuna
1 serving cheese
50 g Pro, 30g Carbs, 40g Fat

Meal 4(7:00pm):
4oz steak
1/3 package mashed potatoes
Mixed Veggies/Spinach
35g Pro, 40g Carbs, 10g Fat

Meal 5(9:30pm):
2 Turkey burgers
2 Serv Cheese
50 g Pro, 15g Fat

Meal 6(11:00pm):
40g Fish
1.5oz extra virgin olive oil
40g Pro, 40g Fat

Throughout Day:
12 Fish oils

Other Supplements:
5 g Creatine
1 Stacker preWO
1 g Vitamin C postWO
1 multi-vitamin
Vitamin D?

Pro: 295g
Carbs: 295g
Fat: 160g

Pro: 295g
Carbs: 255g
Fat: 170g


sorry thats 3800 cal on work out days and 3730 cal on non work out days


At 210lbs you'll need more calories for it to be a bulk diet.


how many do you think i need?


Personally I would go about 4500, and to do that you'll need to drop the fruit and vegetables for more calorie dense food, unless you have a huge appetite.

Consider food like avacado if you still want to keep the fruit/veg up.

Ditch the brown rice. It will make you feel full because it has more fiber. You probably won't need to add fiber in that manner in a diet of 4500 cals.


good i don't really like brown rice anyway.

so should i be adding more of every nutrient then? or focus on adding more carbs or pro or fat?


I disagree here. Fruits can add a decent amount of calories through the day, and let's not forget the health aspect.

I have fruit with every meal which adds about 100 calories right there per meal


i've started to really like apples, bananas, and spinach. never used to though. weird how your tastes change when you get older

anyway i'm starting to agree that this isn't enough food. i've been kinda hungry all day and that's not exactly how a bulking diet should be(i even added in a bunch of PB eaten with a spoon during some tv watching).

Anyone have any advice on where i should be adding calories? maybe i should just feel it out and add them to where i was hungriest during the day...


you could add a couple scoops protein here and there for one, that would get protein up to. 2grams per pound


First off, I love that someone posted a bulking diet without "fat-free" "small" or "lean" shit included.

Over all, I like it. I would bump up your servings from 4oz to 8oz meat servings though.

And kudos on eating pork. It's fucking great, despite what the hippies say.

I do agree with eigieinhamr. More calories will probably be necessary. As far as what type . . .eat food you like. As long as it's not shit you should be fine adding carbs, fats, or any combo thereof.


The issue with most people trying to get in more calories for a bulk diet is the issue of satiety. Fruit tends to be higher in fibre, and therefore will displace higher calorie foods.

In terms of what you need to add, I would add more carbs to your workout days, but put them post workout. Add as many as you want within the 2 hours after training. If you can handle it add 100g carbs postworkout shake rather than 40g. Because you are getting in 300g protein through the day getting in carbs post-workout is more important than getting in protein. You want an insulin spike that is larger than at any other point during the day.

I would turn the turkey burger into a beef burger (use quality beef if you can afford it). Beef mince will help to add calories through fat. Stick some toast under the eggs. If you can find mayonaisse made with good oils and no sugar then add that to your sandwiches for some extra healthy fat. I've noticed the american import mayonaisse that we have in australia is made with soybean oil and a large amount of HFCS. It's actually one of the only foods I've seen with HFCS in aus.

When you cook your pork with whatever carb source you add, use as much healthy oil as you want when you cook it. Increase your pre-workout meal if you can (don't compromise your workout if you feel bloated). Don't use fruit as your post workout carb source (if you are). And surely you can eat more than 40g of fish as your last meal?


Plus don't be as concerned about splitting your calories out into multiple meals. If you can get your calories in in 3-4 meals and that's easier for you then do it. Just make sure you get a big one post workout.

Just as an example, a big bowl of museli with full cream milk is about 900 calories.


thanks for all the help. i'm gonna update the diet tomorrow. If you're curious to see how it changes come back for another look.

thanks again